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Ecnephias – Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery

The Pact of Debauchery
by Aurora Kuczek at 04 May 2020, 4:39 PM

ECNEPHIAS’s latest release entitled “Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery,” features melodic tunes, wrapped in an atmospheric attitude. The Italian project was formed in 1996, with their 2020 album being their 10th release. ECNEPHIAS’s style is a gothic formulation with elements of doom and dark metal. Their nine track album follow very similar formats throughout each song, never deviating much from the original idea it created in the beginning.

Without Lies” begins with a drawn out synth melody. The drums thump in the background. A melancholy voice appears from the dust. It is as if he were talking to me, somewhere in a place I cannot reach—it is clean, but unreadable. The notes are almost upbeat, but it unravels slowly, fading but never too much so. A piano-like instrument surfaces. The piece is a curation of feeling rather than melody. The idea is repeated in “The Night Of The Witch.” An atmospheric setting is portrayed. Guitars are simple and a bit spooky, resembling a gothic nature. Synths sound as if they were a woman’s voice. Riffs climb around. The voice is ritualistic, and the piano harmonizes. It is a folkish melody, as if the darkness was too much to bear. “Vampiri” is the heart of folklore. Drums beat in the beginning. Guitars are loose with strong synth notes. A voice is stripped naked. The language is indecipherable. Yet no matter its complexity, it is somewhat followable. A riff encumbers keenly.

Tenebra Shirts” is the same pattern as before with a synth-like orchestra, but with piano keys. Blast beats are continued. It is almost off-key. Its echo sounds as if two people are talking, but it could be for the effect. Drums and guitars guide the piece, and the sound is almost spacious and abstract with a strange eeriness. “The Dark” has a similar synth-etic start, but vocal reverberations comes before. There are quite a few breakdown-like areas, with high pitched devices repurposed and strung through like a clothesline. It is talkative, but it is not enough to hold a conversation. “Run” features a choir of vocals. It is peaceful, but not enough to want to stay situated and to complete the rhythm. It is not their strongest piece, but it is interesting. There are hollow sounding instrumentation, strange movements as well. The drum and percussion-like instruments sound less like their overall melody, combing other genres that do not fit their idea.

“The Clown” begins with an electronic static, and then another chorus of vocals. It is clean but also rough at times. Majestic riffs do not have a direction but float around, grasping  many different elements in its makeup. “Il Divoratore” creates other synth notes, and unrefined drumming patterns. Guitars have an unreliable quality. But this piece is a break from the previous. It is mostly instrumental, and has a melodious quality. “Rosa Mistica” resembles NINE INCH NAILS, and it is a tragic ending compared to the rest of the piece. It does not have the same atmosphere, and the double kick resembles death metal than anything else. It is a strong piece in itself, but when compared to the rest of the album, the project could have created a stronger ending

ECNEPHIAS’s “Seven – The Pact Of Debauchery,” is an exquisite adventure of gothic formulation. Set where the wind doesn’t seem to blow, and the sun doesn’t seem to rise, the album explores different means to make a musical piece, one that does not rely on specific notes, but relies on feeling to convey their message. Although it was weak at some points, with unanswered questions, the album’s pieces alone were quite dignified.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Without Lies
2. The Night Of The Witch
3. Vampiri
4. Tenebra Shirts
5. The Dark
6. Run
7. The Clown
8. Il Divoratore
9. Rosa Mistica
Mancan – Vocals & Bass
Nikko – Guitars & Keys
Demil – Drums & Percussions
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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