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Eden Circus – Marula

Eden Circus
by Andrew Sifari at 10 September 2014, 10:54 PM

The state of the Rock scene as a whole, worldwide, is a far-cry from its halcyon days before the start of the 2000s (or mid-nineties, depending on who you ask). That, however, does not mean that there aren’t any legitimately good Rock bands out there with unique sounds of their own. One case-in-point is Hamburg, Germany’s own EDEN CIRCUS, who’s debut album “Marula” comes out this September.

Interestingly, EDEN CIRCUS began writing music before playing live in order  to develop their sound and hone their craft as musicians. Perhaps this is why one of the most immediate impressions made by this adventurous work, which spans nine tracks and 64 minutes, is how well thought out it is. The sound is reminiscent of Post Rock/Metal, as there are hints of TOOL and definitely ISIS in there, with hints of Progressive Metal and Shoegaze in there as well. “Devoid Of Purpose” gives the listener the first taste of the band’s layered, atmospheric approach. Siegmar Pohl’s airy vocal delivery and the alternation between clean and dense, distorted guitars create an engaging, yet enigmatic effect, sometimes light and spirited, at other times somewhat dark and brooding. If not for the sheer length of the song, I could definitely see it getting airtime on the radio, as the overall sound is catchy and very listenable despite its variety of components.

Comfort” is another standout track, a dynamic offering that delivers in every way. The opening main riff has a very OPETH quality to it, and the shifting moods contrast excellently, culminating a surprising display of Death Metal-like growls. “101” is similar in this regard, partly due to further death growls, but with a more aggressive riffing approach and overall attitude. While tracks like the understated “Arc” might not exactly broadcast it, EDEN CIRCUS is very much a guitar band, using the instrument’s full range of sounds to create the numerous melodies and effects that populate each song, from the heavy riffs that open “Summon A Ghost” to the gentle, echoing notes of the ethereal “Playing You.”

Marula” is an album you don’t really listen to so much as experience, with its vast, all-encompassing soundscapes, ambitiously structured songs, and a crisp, clear sound that serves the music well. It has this immersive wall of sound quality to it that isn’t overwhelming, as the music isn’t too complicated or progressive to grasp, but still hitting the listener with a force that is greater than the sum of the parts of the individual instruments alone. “Marula” is a strong, mature, and well-written effort, impressive for a debut record, and one that should turn some heads in the Rock world.

4 Star Rating

1. Devoid Of Purpose
2. Comfort
3. A Desert In Between
4. 101
5. Arc
6. Summon A Ghost
7. A Shore Uncertainty
8. Her Lovely Hands Upon The Black Earth
9. Playing You
Siegmar Pohl – Vocals
Michael Reinke – Drums, vocals
Andreas Höfler – Guitar, vocals
Sebastian Scheewe – Bass
Nils Finkeisen – Guitar
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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