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Edenbridge - The Bonding Award winner

The Bonding
by Samantha Lynn Ham at 27 May 2013, 2:06 PM

According to their own website, Sabine Edelsbacher of EDENBRIDGE says (and I quote) that her life’s dream is “to bring heaven on earth with music.” And in my honest opinion, on their newest album "The Bonding", this dream has been achieved!

EDENBRIDGE is not new to the music world, as they were formed in 1998. They have had their shares of struggles and snares, much like another other band trying to make it in the world. Many of their albums are great, and Edelsbacher’s voice is nothing short of amazing. It is the perfect level of melodic that doesn’t spill too far into operatic, making it easy to find the story within the lyrics. Which is one complaint I had with Tarja formerly of NIGHTWISH. But "The Bonding" goes to a much higher level for me. Symphonic Metal is supposed to be filled with passion and emotion. Well, EDENBRIDGE's cup runner over.

My favorite track on the album was the eighth track, "Death Is Not The End". It was touching in so many ways especially for someone who has suffered quite a bit of loss in life. It was the kind of song that you could just close your eyes and listen to that would surely at least bring for the waterworks. Yet it was hopeful, like the light at the end of grieving. Tears were most definitely shed on this track, more than once.

If ever there was an album that I thought should be in everyone’s cd collection, it would be this one, among a few others. EDENBRIDGE is not only good for relaxing a busy mind, but also relieving a heavy heart.

4 Star Rating

1. Mystic River
2. Alight a New Tomorrow
3. Star-Crossed Dreamer
4. The Invisible Force
5. Into a Sea of Souls
6. Far Out of Reach
7. Shadows of Memory
8. Death is not the End
9. The Bonding
Sabine Edelsbacher - Lead Vocals
Lanvall - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Piano, Kacapi
Max Pointer - Drums
Dominik Sebastian - Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Wolfgang Rothbauer - Bass, Grunts on "Shadows Of My Memory"
Erik Martenssson - Lead Vocals on ´The Bonding`
Robby Valentine - Backing Vocals & Choirs
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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