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Edenbridge - Shine (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 24 November 2004, 4:13 AM

Wow… these people are really working class heroes! The “Angelic Bombastic Metal act from Austria hits again, only three months after their “A Lifetime In Eden live album was released and not more than 1 ½ year after their last studio effort “Aphelion. Well, a total of five full length recordings in five years is not that noteless at all, bearing in mind the average “gap between two sequential releases for most Metal bands in our days. Note: Are you the “keen-on-female-vocals kind of guy? If not, please pass…
Edenbridge was formed in 1998 by ex-solo artist Arne Stockhammer (a.k.a. Lanvall) and is fronted by the vocal talents of Sabine Edelsbacher. Three albums of melodic, atmospheric Metal with a slight Gothic “touch brought a respectable amount of fans and the excellent feedback of the vast majority of the Metal Press worldwide. Gaining a notable attention also in far-off countries (e.g. Japan), the band proceeded to their “A Lifetime In Eden live cast in late summer 2004. Well, it's still this year and the band's logo is “looking at me in hunger…
Well, Sabine is always “in the CD. Whether you try to fancy the music or attempt to “travel on the lyrics, she makes her presence more than evident. Sabine, in my poor ears at least, has a first-class voice, really colorful and flexible enough to “handle any riff or harmony Landvall could come up to. I'm not really fond of the “fatale w/ keys story that so much fame has come along with, but - at least - the band's promotion and music are not tragically based on the lady's charisma.
So, if “Aphelion wasn't that good, then some CD is gonna Shine over here! A folksy style in decent proportions, an eastern influence in many rhythm guitar parts, “slight (regarding the band's previous efforts) gothic elements, classic metal-based rhythm guitars, a “stiff rhythm section and a great production from Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) and Lanvall himself… So, what else do you want? The band is NOT similar to Nightwish, as even my cat may wonder. Sabina is not that “Opera kinda girl, I believe she would better “fit to the “Theatre status. Broadway, maybe?
It's not fair to mention that the band's ideas are a little bit repetitive, regarding their previous albums. It's not because the put out an album each year, but because this specific style is anyway a little bit predictable if the vocalist doesn't “take over the situation. So far, Sabine treats us well! I'm so anxious to see what the next record would be like. At that case, enjoy “Shine. It's an honest, not another “one-of-the-same-wanna-be-like-them album.

3 Star Rating

Move Along Home
Centennial Legend
Wild Chase
And The Road Goes On
What You Leave Behind
October Sky
The Canterville Prophecy
On Sacred Ground (Bonus Track)
Sabine Edelsbacher: Lead & Backing Vocals
Lanvall: Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Andreas Eibler: Rhythm & Harmony Guitar
Roland Navratil: Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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