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Edenbridge - Solitaire

by Jonathan Maphet at 03 July 2010, 4:07 PM

EDENBRIDGE is a symphonic Metal band from Austria. There isn’t one single aspect of that genre that isn’t represented here. It’s all here with aplomb and all the bells and whistles. It is melodic as can be, and contains beautiful melodies. Sometimes it is fast, but most of the time the pace is mid tempo. There isn’t a single song on the entire album that is fast the whole way through. I guess that is why the word “power” is absent from the band's description. I would have preferred more speed than symphony, but that is my personal preference and does not determine the overall quality of the band or this album. Everything about this album screams quality. The musicianship is simply outstanding. As you can see from the band member info in this review, Lanvall plays almost everything! He certainly is a huge talent. I can’t even imagine the band trying to continue in his absence, so it is obvious that he had better stick around.

Sabine Edelsbacher has an absolutely phenomenal voice. It is both operatic and beautiful. It amazes me that she manages to sing the entire album without going overboard even a single time. She really is quite astonishing. The title track “Solitaire” has some killer riffing in it and is mid tempo the entire way through. It was picked as the title track for a reason. It is my favorite track on the album. They even have a self named (after the album’s title) orchestra and a choir. It is clear that the attempt to be “epic” is in every song. If you are looking for something fast and heavy like RHAPSODY OF FIRE or DRAGONFORCE, you are not going to find it here. The emphasis is more on beauty than speed and in that it succeeds brilliantly. If you don’t mind an oftentimes slow and deliberate pace, then this won’t bother you. Speed demons, stay clear of this one.

The production is perfect. There is no weak point to the sound. Nothing sounds buried in the mix, nor does it stand out either. Producer Lanvall seems to be a jack of all trades and is all over this album. The man is a musical genius. The Metal world could use more multi-dimensional talents like him, as could any musical genre. “Solitaire” is a rock solid effort from EDENBRIDGE and is a must for all fans of the genre. There is nothing to head bang to in here, but there is plenty to smile about. The music is truly epic and is meant to be enjoyed. I know I enjoyed it. Pick it up if you love symphonic Metal.

4 Star Rating

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Sabine Edelsbacher - Lead Vocals
Lanvall - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Piano, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Percussion Frog
Dominik Sebastian - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Max Pointner - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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