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Edenbridge - Sunrise In Eden (CD)

Sunrise In Eden
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 02 January 2001, 12:07 AM

I feel very lucky that i have the honor to review the debut album of this band. That's because i believe that they have potentials for something really big in the future.
Edenbridge in a few words is a melodic power metal band with a few proggresive touches here and there. Wonderful keys accompanied with heavy guitar riffs, magical melodic lines and excellent drumming!

Well, you've heard this description before haven't you? Anyway in the position of the singer, instead a pityful performer who immitates other power metal singers imagine an angel. Not a real one, a female singer i mean. However is hard to understand if the vocalist is a woman or an angel. She is really amazing. I can't really find many bands in order to compare Edenbridge with them but they have some things in common with Nightwish.

The production of the album is pretty clear. I have to mention the smart use of the keyboards which makes a great atmosphere. Bass? If i don't say that Kurt Bednarsky is a very good bass player you have to hang me high! For the end i leave the guitars. Just great!!! If you feel that you can't get any more Helloween clones or if you think that Rhapsody is too noisy for you with all those instruments give a chance to Edenbridge. My favourite tracks on the album is the amazing 8:32 minute hymn 'Sunrise in Eden' and the great 'Forever Shine on' where Sabine makes you fall in love with her (if she hasn't achieve that from the very first minutes of the cd).

I also love 'Take me back' but that doesn't mean that the other tracks are not very good too. Drawbacks? Well ok, sometimes some songs may become a bit boring for someone who is not so much in this kind of metal but nobody is perfect. Someone also can say that sometimes their repeat theirselfes but that is not always bad (if you repeat the good moments) and if you keep in mind that it's only their debut you can say it's pretty normal. Forgive me if i'm mistaken but i can't find anymore drawbacks.
If you like melodic power metal you're gona love this. Carry on guys! Oh, and Sabine…Never quit being an Angel!
P.S. I really have to mention that Lanvall plays all lead, rhythm and accoustic guitars. Keyboards, and he is responsible for the lyrics, the music and the vocal melodies. He is really the soul of the band. Well done!

4 Star Rating

Gheyenne Spirit
Sunrise In Eden
Forever Shine On
Holy Fire
Wings Of The Wind
In The Rain
Midnight At Moon
Take Me Back
My Last Step Beyond
Sabibe Edenlsbacher - Lead and backing vocals
Lanvall - Lead, rhythm & accoustic guitars, keyboards
Kurt Bednarsky - Bass
Ronland Navratil - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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