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Edge of Ever - We Came with the Flood

Edge of Ever
We Came with the Flood
by Katharine Hassett at 18 April 2018, 12:29 AM

Formed in Berlin, Germany in December of 2012 by vocalist Minas Marston and bassist James Smith, EDGE OF EVER is a Greek/German metal band that consists of members of various origins. With differing languages, ages and experience, it makes for a unique combination of progressive elements, melody and breakdowns. The music itself is hard to put into a single box, but all in all it is a combination of old and new school heavy metal with an emphasis on prog and at times metalcore. Their debut album, "Global Ignition" received excellent reviews from various rock and metal magazines and the band has played a score of concerts in Germany and abroad since.

The two disc epic, "We Came with the Flood" opens with "A Distant Thunder," predictably with the sounds of rain, thunder and ominous drones, foreshadowing the impending "flood" of deeply emotional music about to come. Right away, in comes the title track, with a slow, gut-wrenching solo, wasting no time to introduce the talented Minas Marston with a vocal style one is used to in the progressive metal genre. We are shown right off the bat that guitar solos are going to be an ever-present aspect of the album. "Pitch Black Destiny" starts off showing off their clear love for metalcore, with some tremolo picking and fleshes out some catchy grooves and hardcore riffage, an aspect of this group that I cannot get enough of and "Je Suis Anglogergreekrustican" shows this love even further, starting with a tasty breakdown. "Slavephone," an obvious commentary on society's obsession with cellphones starts with samples of various ringtones and goes into one of the most angsty songs on the album, skank beats, shouted vocals, dissonant chords and tremolo picking and it leaves me wishing it was longer than two minutes. The first half of this two-disc emotional roller-coaster ends with a slow-burning, sentimental ballad that leaves the faint of heart teary eyed. Heavy emphasis on synth and vocals with raw emotion with a dash of synthesized violin, it's a fitting end to the first leg of album.

"Forsaken" picks things back up with a very satisfying hardcore riff right off the bat and throws in more skankbeats to remind us this isn't your typical heavy metal band. "The Weather Maker" opens with some seriously stomping chugs with a lot of breathing room for the most atmospheric use of synthesizer on the album. The raw emotion of this sextet never once lets up, as clearly shown by the seven-minute confessional song "The Paintbox." While it is a true tearjerker, sheer brutality is also shown clearly, with more palm muted, dissonant chords and breakdowns. "Maidens On The Edge," the penultimate track on the album is a tribute to IRON MAIDEN, seamlessly combining various famous riffs and lyrics from the metal legends. The album ends with another song filled with raw emotion, "The Silence," starting off slow but packing all the heavy, progressive elements that define the band in eight minutes.

On the surface, it can seem like this is just another generic heavy metal band, but upon listening, you can tell one thing the six-piece has truly mastered is diversity. It's very hard to compare this band to other proggy acts, it is something you will have to define yourself. Definitely check it out if you like progressive metal with a healthy dose of metalcore.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. A Distant Thunder
2. We Came with the Flood
3. Pitch Black Destiny
4. Je suis Anglogergreekrustican
5. Slavephone
6. The World Will Die Even Without You
7. My Leech
8. Live It or Leave It
9. Forsaken
10. Infinite Pledges
11. The Weather Maker
12. The Paintbox
13. Vegantichrist
14. Maidens on the Edge
15. The Silence
Minas Marston - Vocals
James Smith - Bass
Ralph Swan Krieger- Keyboards
Tom Kruse - Guitar
Ioulios Georgiou - Guitar
Lucas Freise - Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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