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Edge of Forever - Seminole Award winner

Edge of Forever
by Kevin Lewis at 18 April 2022, 11:14 AM

EDGE OF FOREVER is an Italian band formed in 2003. Crossing seamlessly back and forth from Hard Rock to Heavy Metal, this foursome takes their inspiration from Native American culture. Seminole is the bands fifth full-length album and was released on January 21, 2022, via Frontiers Music SRL.

The record opens with “Get Up on Your Feet Again.” This is more on the Hard Rock end of the spectrum. The keyboards and the upbeat rhythm make this one less intimidating than the heavier music can sometimes be. They have a really good tempo, and the sound is very accessible. Sticking with the desire to write inspirational lyrics, this is the song about getting knocked down, but getting back up again and going farther than you did last time. Perseverance is key and can lead to you achieving your dreams.

Made It Through” is a slow burner at the start. Melodic guitars and vocals begin the build, setting the stage for the rest of the band to come in and take the song to a new level. More lyrics about never giving up encourage the listener to keep pushing and make it through whatever challenges lie ahead. In an era of negativity, these uplifting lyrics are a welcome change from the norm.

Up next is “Shift the Paradigm.” More upbeat guitars and a happy rhythm push this song forward. The vocals tend towards the singer’s upper range. That specific tone is geared more towards positivity. The keyboards are light and airy, further reinforcing the upbeat nature of the song. These guys truly do shift the paradigm on the current music scene.

For the requisite ballad, we move on to “Breath of Life.” Opening with a piano and mournful vocal, the song builds up and becomes an epic power ballad. Bass and guitar are perfectly in synch for much of this song and the drums are supporting them both beautifully.

The next two songs are more about the struggles found along the journey to peace. “Wrong Dimension” and “Our Battle Rages On” are a little darker and more aggressive, even when the song is moving slowly through the first part of the progression. “Wrong Dimension” begins slow and is full of trepidation, even a little haunted. That ends when the riff kicks in and takes on some eerie tones. These two songs beautifully set up the final four song suite.

Seminole Part 1-4” is a tale as old as time. It is impossible to break this down inti component parts because each piece relies on the others for completion. More than 10 minutes of excellent music that flows from one song to the other in a stunning manner. I watched the lyric video for this and was absolutely blown away by the imagery, the music, and the lyrics. Of particular note is the line “Forgive your failure, Strengthen your dreams.” This is one of the things I have always struggled with personally, so to hear this makes me happy.

This epic suite is one of the best endings I’ve heard to a record in a long time. The struggles, the victories and the triumphs of spirit make this song something special. If EDGE OF FOREVER get to the northeastern area of the United States, I will buy the ticket to the show in hopes of hearing this live, start to finish. This is a new band for me, but rest assured I will be digging deeper into them in the very near future.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  10
Memorability:  10
Production:  9

5 Star Rating

1. Get Up on Your Feet Again
2. On the Other Side of Pain
3. Made It Through
4. Shift the Paradigm
5. Another Salvation
6. Breath of Life
7. Wrong Dimension
8. Our Battle Rages On
9. Seminole Pt.1 In the Land of The Seminole
10. Seminole Pt.2 Mistake Reality
11. Seminole Pt.3 Rewrite the Story
12. Seminole Pt.4 The End's Starting to Begin
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Vocals/Keyboards
Nik Mazzucconi – Bass
Marco Di Salvia – Drums
Aldo Lonobile – Guitar
Record Label: Frontiers Music SRL


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