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Edge of Paradise - The Unknown

Edge of Paradise
The Unknown
by John Foley at 23 November 2021, 8:35 AM

Released back in September 2021 we have the brand new album from L.A alternative metal act EDGE OF PARADISE which is titled “The Unknown”. The band has been together since 2011 and in that time have released two studio albums titled “Immortal Waltz" (2015) and “Universe" (2019). For this album the band worked with producers HOWARD BENSON, MIKE PLOTNIKOFF and NEIL SANDERSON  to put the albums sound together. These producers have worked with the likes of HALESTORM, SEETHER and THREE DAYS GRACE so for EDGE OF PARADISE  to be working with these guys is very impressive.

With an atmospheric sound and subtle guitar melody opening we got our first track with “Digital Paradise”. The vocals then come in and leads the way for the band to start hammering it out. As the song goes it really gets you moving as a big sing along chorus hits. The song kind of goes down a bit to lead us to a cool guitar solo then synths sort of take over a bit. This track has some nice hooks here and shows us what’s to come on the rest of the album. Next up we have “My Method Your Madness” which had a heavy groove riff to start things off. A real head banging verse here as the vocals command the song with a catchy chorus with some subtle lead guitar lines in the mix. A big break down comes creeping in with a guitar solo that sounds a little out there. This is still very much a fun song.

The title track “The Unknown” opens with a gentle piano melody with background synths and soft vocals. From this you can feel yourself getting sucked in to see what’s to come. There is some excellent vocal delivery throughout this track as a whole, even when the band erupts out of nowhere for a big chorus. Alight tone shift for the next verse as the song gets a little edgier. This tune has an epic feel to it and is just a great song. After that we have the song “Believe” which from the start really grabs your attention. This one has a sort of dreamy feel to it from the start and we are hit with another one of those big choruses. I liked the guitar work on this one and there was some really cool riffing in the middle section as we go back for one last big chorus to close out this track.

The track “False Idols” has this sinister riffing from the start and is a song that means business. The vocals take charge again as the chorus is just straight to the point as this song really does pack a punch. The riffs kick a lot of ass here and with the vocals you can hear she is giving it all she has. The guitar solo lifts the song up with help of strings in the back ground. This track (from the last time I checked anyway) is the bands current number one song on Spotify and I can easily see why. With a piano melody coming through the void with guitars by its side we have the song “One Last Time". The vocals are quite gentle for the verse and the chorus lifts the songs up. There are some cool guitar lines and the song feels sort of otherworldly. This track is really worth checking out, lots of cool parts here and an awesome guitar solo to close out the song too.

We come to the final track on the album which is “Bound To The Rhythm” and it starts off quiet but you can hear it is going to get bigger. This one has an epic feel to it too and the band comes in and stomps their way through it. The vocals leads to way once again to a big chorus that packs a punch. The vocals show a lot of range here. When listening I found myself nodding my head along as this just grips you. A guitar solo rips through the song also. A great anthem to close out the album. From listening to “The Unknown” you can hear that EDGE OF PARADISE has a very big sound. There are lots of melody and heavy grooves throughout. The synths and Keyboards adds an atmosphere to some of the tracks with those heavy riffs to complement them. The vocals really command the songs and leads them in their direction. There are plenty of really good tunes here that are very catchy at times. You can really hear that these songs will make for great live shows.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Digital Paradise
2. My Method Your Madness
3. Tidal Wave
4. The Unknown
5. Believe
6. False Idols
7. You Touch You Die
8. One Last Time
9. Leaving Earth
10. Bound To The Rhythm
11. My Method Your Madness (Industrial remix)
Margarita Monet –Vocals and Keyboards
Dave Bates – Lead Guitar
David Ruiz – Rhythm Guitar
Justin Blair – Bass
Jamie Moreno –Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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