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Edge Of Thorns - Insomnia

Edge Of Thorns
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 12 May 2014, 2:27 PM

EDGE OF THORNS is a Power Metal band from Bitburg, Germany.  The band formed in 1996, and this album is their third full length album, containing twelve tracks.

“Dark Side of Light” leads us off here.  It is pretty straightforward Power Metal, rooted in the Classic sounds of the NWOBHM movement.  Dirk’s voice is gravely and spirited, and I am reminded of their country-mates ACCEPT at times.  Melodious guitars in an extended solo section highlight the riff-driven music.  “Yearning Had Begun” is a bit faster in pace, but still carries that hymn type quality we have come to hear in much Power Metal.  The title track really shines, opening with a rhythm and sound you might not expect, complete with some stellar lead guitar work and a nice, easy, powerful riff.  They really draw out the chorus and this might be the best track on the album.

“Metal Unity” really showcases some of the versatility and power of Dirk’s voice.  He maintains great pitch and range, and his vibrato really reminds me a lot of the great UDO.  The bridge section to me is reminiscent of the mighty IRON MAIDEN.  “The Watchmaker” is another solid track…a power ballad of sorts, if you still use that term these days.  It’s a moving, emotional piece that uses great harmonies, while “A Caress of Souls” has that “Fear of the Dark” kind of opening, using the bass at the forefront.  The riff is really dark in this song, and the composition a bit more complex than some other tracks.  “Death Dealer” promises some fast, furious and upbeat experience with a heavy dose of melody, while “Of Hearts That Burn” opens with a MOTORHEAD type riff, before the vocal harmonies in the versus really come through.  The guitar work in this track is particularly pleasing, especially as it supports the vocals in the chorus.

In “The Seven Sins of Arthur McGregor,” the music really does carry a story along with it, with several changes in tempo and key, and some well-connected passages.  I think here you catch a glimpse of the band’s ability for a grandiose vision and to compose more complex material, if they so choose.  This would probably be the track I would pin for the album, even know it is a bit lengthy for a traditional “single” type offering.  “Is This the Way it Ends” is a fitting closing track for the album, with a sweet acoustic sway.  Overall this is a pretty solid offering of Power Metal.  Their musicianship is really very good, and they keep the listening experience pretty simple, focusing on driving home the main riff and the melodies in the chorus.  There is no pretention and little outside instrumentation or experimentation, and so you always know what you are going to get from track to track.  It is honest, classic Power Metal.

3 Star Rating

1. In Your Dreams
2. Dark Side of Your Life
3. Yearning has Begun
4. Insomnia
5. Metal Unity
6. The Watchmaker
7. A Caress of Souls
8. Walking Like a Ghost
9. Death Dealer
10. Of Hearts That Burn
11. The Seven Sins of Arthur McGregor
12. Is This the Way it Ends
Dirk “Duke” Schmitt – Vocals
Dave Brixius – Guitars
Jani Nackel – Guitars
Achim Sinzinger – Bass
Jojo Lichter– Drums
Record Label: Killer Metal Records


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