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Edge Of Sanity - When All Is Said (CD)

Edge Of Sanity
When All Is Said
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 16 December 2006, 5:08 PM

The idea of reviewing the new best of collection by EDGE OF SANITY seemed pretty interesting, so I didn't waste any time and got it right away! A 2 CD collection, which is a compact encyclopedia that presents EDGE OF SANITY's every single era!  Grab a beer, sit tight and let me guide you through the world of EDGE OF SANITY.
Formed in 1989, EDGE OF SANITY was Dan Swano's vehicle to the Metal scene. We all know that the rest of the line up was kind of session musicians. This is not a bad thing since Dan Swano is one of the most important personalities in Heavy Metal and has contributed to this music a lot! His epic/prog Death Metal compositions have influenced many bands. Now, three years after their last album, Crimson II (2003), Black Mark has decided to release this best of compilation, which you will definitely find pretty interesting!
None of you who are aware of this band's work will wait for me to tell you that this compilation kicks serious ass for sure! There is one very important thing about this release. The fans of this band have chosen the songs, so as you can understand, it is from the fans to the fans! Basically, the fans voted using a poll on Ultimate Metal.Com and the tracklist is based upon the two tracks from each album that got the most votes.
So, as you can see yourselves, When All Is Said is a complete compilation that contains every favorite track from EDGE OF SANITY's discography. The fact that the fans chose the tracklist shows  that the two CD's don't lack any basic stuff. All tracks have been severely remastered and the sound is just perfect for EDGE OF SANITY's magical atmosphere to be unfolded! I don't see the reason to sit down and explain what EDGE OF SANITY is as a band. I think that everyone who hasn't come in touch with their work just can understand the dark and glorious veil that surrounds them! I also don't find it necessary to review the second CD since it contains two full albums, Crimson I (1996) and Crimson II (2003). Although I admit I would prefer to see The Spectral Sorrows (1993) contained in the second CD since it is my favorite EDGE OF SANITY album! It would also be good if Blood Of My Enemies (MANOWAR cover) was also contained (killer cover!).
This compilation is in two words fucking awesome! It is complete, remastered and contains two full albums! What more should a fan ask for? It is just great for the fans and even better for the ones who haven't listened to any of this band's stuff. While listening to this CD, you will feel like EDGE OF SANITY's history is unfolding before your eyes! There is no excuse! Honestly, the top best of collection I have ever come across! BUY OR DIE!

5 Star Rating

Disc 1

Human Aberration
In The Veins/Darker Than Black
The Masque
Until Eternity Ends
The Eternal Eclipse
Black Tears
Hell Is Where The Heart Is
Hell Written
Bleed You Dry

Disc 2

Crimson (Full Album)
Crimson II (Full Album)
Dan Swano - Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Black Mark Productions


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