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Edge Of Thorns - Ravenland (CD)

Edge Of Thorns
by Makis Kirkos at 23 April 2004, 6:36 PM

Another  power metal act from Germany arrives. Edge Of Thorns strike with their debut album, Ravenland.
I have to admit that the first thing to attract your attention about this band is the name. Very catchy indeed, thanks to Savatage 's very popular song.
If I had to describe this band in one sentence, I would probably call it melodic power metal with an epic influence. I think this is a fair description for a group of the musical direction of Edge Of Thorns. These guys perform mostly catchy German melodic power metal compositions, with the guitar taking over the leading role. The vocals sound like a remix of Chris Boltendahl's (Grave Digger) voice but in a rather more melodic way. I have to say that Dirk Schmitt does not immitate Boltendahl at all, but he combines a way of singing that reminded me of the foresaid singer.
Now let's get busy… These guys are worth being listened to, that's for sure. Very strong compositions, well arranged with the whole album feeling. Although they follow the typical path of 70% fast songs and 30% slow songs, they manage to make our head banging. Intro Dark Magician prepares us for the following journey. Heavy, fast and massive are just some adjectives describing this song. Follower Lost continues this journey with a more mid tempo beat and maybe the most beautiful lyrics in the whole album.
The songs are mainly a mix of speed guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines in perfect match with the rhythm section. For sure these guys are something new in the mediocrity that exists nowadays and they deserve to be known. I like the production very much, aknowledging that this is their debut album and they've produced it all by their own. Speaking as a sound engineer myself, I have to add that I would like a more massive drum snare but other than that the production is excellent. Highlights of the album are Dark Magician, Lost, Ravenland, Shadow King and Revelation.
Overall, Edge Of Thorn's Ravenland is a very promising album release, which makes me demand for an equal successor. I am sure these guys won't disappoint me and they will surprise me again in the future. For sure they won a place in my play list for the next weeks. Congratulations, good job.  

3 Star Rating

Dark Magician
Mirror of Dreams
Riders of the Storm
Signs on the Wall
Shadow King
A Rose for the Dead
Dirk Schmitt - Vocals
Johannes Schutz - Drums
Oliver Bruck - Bass
Lothar Kramer - Keyboards
Dave Brixius - Lead Guitars
Achim Sinzinger - Rhythm Guitars
Record Label: Twilight Vertrieb


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