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Edguy - Age Of The Joker

Age Of The Joker
by Mark Gromen at 09 September 2011, 12:47 PM

There is more than a little autobiography in the title when it comes to Tobias Sammet. He’s now got AVANTASIA to quell his professional/progressive musician side, leaving EDGUY to be the fun band fans always wanted (ie. no more TINNITUS SANCTUS).

From the campy opening single “Robin Hood” (told Eggi I loved the accompanying video, despite the protests of some stuffy shirts) to the self-deprecating “Two Out Of Seven”, the vocalist is at his rapier witted best. Witness the closing stanza of the aforementioned, which would appear to be about Sammet’s under-estimated appeal to the opposite sex. However, it’s a return dig at a bad Metal Hammer review. “As you watch my world from the outside. You’re supreme because you know how to spell right… In your mind, in your eyes, I’m two out of seven. What the fuck? Suck my cock, I’m only a seven, out of twelve. When I wank, at the bank, I’m a ten out of ten, my friend.” Priceless!

It’s not all goofing around, as the Hammond organ begun “The Arcane Guild” proves. Bits of the vintage instrument can also be heard in the single/video. “Nobody’s Hero” is an abruptly ended, gritty guitar number, while “Rock Of Cashel” dances on a lilting Irish styled jig. “Pandora’s Box” is a mid-tempo bluesy stomp (especially the guitar break), followed by the airy “Breathe”. It’s nine tracks in before the 80s style ballad/soundtrack number “Fire On The Downline”, however it’s followed (just two songs later) by the acoustic tinged, disc closing “Every Night Without You”, complete with backing chorus. For fear of becoming inspirational fodder (ha ha!) it’s not really the way to end an album. The limited digi includes a second disc, with 3 original, non-album tracks and a SLADE cover (“Cum On Feel The Noize”). Overall, the good moments outshine the weaker one…if they’d just have finished with one more rocker!

3 Star Rating

1.  Robin Hood
2.  Nobody’s Hero
3.  Rock The Cashel
4.  Pandora’s Box
5.  Breathe
6.  Two Out Of Seven
7.  Faces In The Darkness
8.  The Arcane Guild
9.  Fire On The Downhill
10. Behind The Gates To Midnight World
11. Every Night Without You
Tobias Sammet – Vocals
Jens Ludwig – Lead, Rhythm Guitar
Dirk Sauer – Rhythm, Lead Guitar
Tobias "Eggi" Exxel - Bass
Felix Bohnke - Drums 
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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