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Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown

Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 03 April 2014, 3:06 PM

The ministry of the insane magnets of Metal (Ed who?) EDGUY are ready to once again ride the rocket and continue to keep fucking with fuck. After the mirage of the joker's last attempt to rob the good era of inspiration, and to puncture our eardrums leading to tentative tinnitus, Tobias Sammet and his eclectic Hellfire club are here to prove that they are still the defenders of the crown; but are they, or have these wordsmiths perhaps aired out and exhausted Pandora's box?

I recently spoke with Jens Ludwig about the recording of the new album. Apparently Sammet went all out, old school using his tape deck and composing songs on his keyboards. As much as it seems that this unbelievable undertaking of fools is heir apparent, the superheroes take their music and savage poetry very seriously. They do all they can for their loyal followers. They appreciate their fans like no other band in the world. Since they have always been one of the hardest working band on the planet, they diligently strive to give their audience the biggest bang for the buck.

With the release of the new single the lackluster “Love Tyger”, they actually contacted NASA about building a stage for their upcoming tour. Even though this plan was a bust, until they rise again, I know they will not disappoint, when they burn down the operation with Sammet's flaming keyboard frenetic fascination. Apparently, due to frictional heat caused by the eternal wayfarer hyperfast playing - the keys literally ignited. It would have been a blessing to witness this guise.

Somebody save us now! I have wasted time playing this album, hoping to have a better perception. However, I feel lost in the theater of salivation, yearning for the “Vain Glory Opera”. With such regret, I still do not feel it matches the merit of the early days, nor compares to their masterpiece “Rocket Ride”, but it does have its moments. Like the last avaricious AVANTASIA attempt, it is enjoyable but not as memorable as the original material which once left its indelible mark.

“Saber & Torch” is a punchy number similar to “Sex Fire Religion” or “Robin Hood”. “Space Police” is bit weird and epicene and echoes the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” oohs and annoying aahhs. “Defenders Of The Crown” is a little closer to “Tears Of A Mandrake” or “Mysteria”. “Alone In Myself” has images of “Save Me” or “Jerusalem”.

There are only a few standout cuts, two out of several, and nothing as good as “King Of Fools”, “Lavatory Love Machine”, “Out Of Control”, or “Catch Of The Century”. “Shadow Eaters” is probably the best song on here. Their cover of Falco is impressive as Tobias painstakingly spent weeks trying to master this cover, and get the Australian accent down. As he himself is a confused genius rocker, and in many ways similar to the character in the movie “Amadeus”. Some tracks are just bizarre like “The Realms Of Baba Yaga” and “Do Me Like A Caveman”. “The Eternal Wayfarer” is a bit epic. Bonus tracks will include an homage to MAIDEN called “England” and a song about their sound engineer aptly titled “Aycim In Hysteria”.

I will always support EDGUY, but with so many new, stellar new albums out by IRON SAVIOR, FREEDOM CALL, SILENT FORCE, etc. and new material due soon from PRIEST and ACCEPT, this and the latest effort by GAMMA RAY both may not outlast their much better material also present on my iPod.

3 Star Rating

1. Sabre & Torch
2. Space Police
3. Defenders Of The Crown
4. Love Tyger
5. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
6. Rock Me Amadeus (Falco Cover)
7. Do Me Like A Caveman
8. Shadow Eaters
9. Alone In Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer
Tobias Sammet – Vocals & Keyboards
Dirk Sauer – Rhythm Guitars
Jens Ludwig – Lead Guitars
Tobias 'Eggy' Exxel – Bass
Felix Bohnke - Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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