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Edguy - Superheroes (CD)

by Michael Dalakos at 27 September 2005, 11:14 AM

Edguy definitely know the meaning of life. They were born to make us happy and with every album they manage to prove themselves right. Not only have they delivered quality music but their distinct sense of humor always makes it a pleasure to see them live, watch their video clips or even talk to them (like I did for the second time a few days ago).
As with their previous full length release Edguy once again release a mini CD, an EP if you prefer. As with their previous EP, this one also contains lots of music making it an interesting buy. Thankfully Edguy avoid the trip of releasing an EP that simply includes one song in five different versions or one song and two live songs and so on. Let's see track by track what this CD includes…
Superheroes is included twice in this album. As a song this is a really cool one with a funny (a la John Wayne) guitar lick. Not the typical Edguy song for sure since it brings in mind more Rock situations. This is a really heavy and catchy song. Those of you who have seen the video clip know why this act is funny as hell.
Spooks In The Attic is rather technical. Sounds closer to Mandrake rather than Hellfire Club with the keyboards being in front on several occasions. It has a really nice harmony and a great refrain.
Blessing In Disguise is a power ballad, but has nothing to do with the known Green Carnation album (nah, just kidding). A good song but not something amazing if you ask me. A bit typical…
Judas At The Opera… and Edguy remember their biggest passion, Helloween. How close to Helloween is this? Does the fact that Michael kiske does guest vocals answer the previous question? Fast with a huge refrain. Damn you, Kiske! When will your voice get out of my head?
The Spirit is another mid tempo song, semi acoustic. For me this is the filler of the EP, not really bad but sounds way too typical to my ears.
The EP ends with the Epical Version of Superheroes. To make this easier let's simply say that this is actually a nice orchestral version of the song where the vocals of Tobias lay smoothly above the fragile classical instruments.
All in all this EP runs for more than 26 minutes. Lots of material indeed! Fans of Edguy have all the good reasons to check this one out. Let's see what their next album holds up its sleeve.

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Spooks In The Attic
Blessing In Disguise
Judas At The Opera
The Spirit
Superheroes (Epic Version)
Dirk Sauer - Guitar
Jens Ludwig - Guitar
Tobias Sammet - Vocals
Tobias Eggi Exxel - Bass
Felix Bohnke - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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