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Edward De Rosa - Zeitgeist Award winner

Edward De Rosa
by Kevin Burke at 17 December 2018, 2:16 PM

The Italian guitar-maestro Valerio De Rosa has just released what has been billed as a solo album.  Although it is a completely different beast of creation which turns out to be an exceptional band effort in the recording of “Zeitgeist”. Under the name EDWARD DE ROSA we can experience ten-tracks of shredding beauty, somewhere between a Malmsteen-inspired delight that combines fiery taps with a neoclassical style. Luckily De Rosa has recruited ELEGY OF MADNESS members to provide the perfect backdrop to his antics, that said “Zeitgeist” turns out to be more than just a six-string show.

A high-energy opening with “Tempus Fugit” which provides a dramatic opening before “Zeitgeist” switches gear and opens up in full-throttle mode with “Legend: The Omega Man”, the band work incredibly well as the flourishes of notes and guitar riffs pile on-top of one another. Throughout this album the listener is brought on a journey that straddles the borders of progressive-rock, metal and a show-off of axe-wielding that would make most gunslingers run for the hills.  The strength of the band however makes it an extremely accessible album, vocalist Giacomo Voli, from RHAPSODY OF FIRE fame, gives a vocal demonstration which is admirable throughout the ten-tracks.

Ghost Of The Ruins” eight-minute is an eight-minute jaunting juggernaut, a steady-seventies flow swoops in and out of the sound, keyboards augment the sound alongside ambient chants, same said for “The Sleep Of Reason” again a track rooted in that seventies sound, though very strong and deep with melodic soundscapes where at times celtic sounds and melodies creep into the structure.

The pace and weight of EDWARD DA ROSA slows down for the folk-style ballad “Tywysoges” which features Virginia Pavone on guest duet vocals who manages to add an extra flair of dramatic-passion to the proceedings, though it does swing into action as the electricity is pumped into the instruments again. Over the forty-eight minutes a steady and solid album is delivered, approaching guitar based albums can be a tricky affair as at times they can lack soul which is replaced with technique, however, on “Zeitgeist” the balance is perfectly delivered, the scales do not sway on either side.

What is even more interesting there is no point on “Zeitgeist” where the listener might feel that the band are simply a backing vehicle, they are simply going through the motions. The strength of this band is perhaps the reason for the name change to EDWARD DE ROSA, either way this is an album to get easily acquainted with and enjoy.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Tempus Fugit
2. Legend: The Omega Man
3. The Sleep of Reason
4. Replicants
5. Ghost of the Ruins
6. Burning Skies
7. Tywysoges
8. Rebellion
9. Fight for Life
10. Cybersteria
Giacomo Voli - Vocals
Valerio De Rosa - Lead Guitar, Bass
Luca Basile - Keyboard
Francesco Paolo Caputo - Drums
Record Label: Revalve Records


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