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EFYD - Like Shadows

Like Shadows
by Craig Rider at 03 March 2022, 5:29 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: EFYD; signed via Metal Scrap Records, hailing from Italian grounds - performing Death Metal/Grindcore, on their debut Full-length Album entitled: “Like Shadows” (released December 10th. 2021). Since formation in 2017; the trio in question have 2 EPs entitled: “Evil Istinct” (released December 1st, 2017), “EFYD” (released November 12th, 2018) & this here debut Full-length Album entitled: “Like Shadows” in their discography so far of which I am entitled to. 10 tracks ranging at around 40:41; EFYD arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal/Grindcore amalgamations.

Opening up with this snare of ominously jarring remedy of repugnant aberration, a blistering groove-bomb belts a chiseling bombardment in wildly rushing mayhem among a demented artillery in clobbering chaos and razor-sharp madness. “Suffer, Die, Rot” revels with pugnacious trembles that rumble with reverberating bounciness, boisterous filth & sturdy thuds of oppressive extremity. Ending in a collision of waves until “The Tinkling Of Chains” distills a barrage frenzy in galloping chops and jumpy punchiness, bludgeoning eardrums with vibrantly potent pandemonium & ruthless catchiness. A healthy dose of progressive technicality subjugates speakers with organic substance while thunderous trailblazing steamrolls with uniquely versatile vehemence, monstrously meaty tonality & tight weightiness that thumps out gnarly distortion from audible bassist Luca Maccalli.

Consisting of rambunctiously stompy foundations in a borderline smear of static, shredding malice unleashes this slaying momentum of prestigious maelstrom tactics that inject an infectiously venomous mobility on solid slabs of volatile malevolence. “Dementia Process” showcases savagely sinister seamlessness with this sonic scale of shear stability, Marco Recanati piledrives the set with steely precision & smacking hostility - arming a hybrid experimentation in dexterously dynamic domination while motoring blitzkrieg intensely beats bones with relentless onslaught amongst an excruciating aesthetic in concretely gritty distortion and havoc-ridden tempos of monolithic torment. “Anger Burn Inside” attributes with more rampantly rompy heftness, frolicking firepower expertise implodes with stampeding immensity as an abhorrent distribution mounts with towering schizophrenia.

The songwriting is a little all over the place, but is still salubrious and engaging. Usually starting off profusely, until those lunatic guitar (member unknown) patterns flow furiously like a flexible madman on steroids with strange rhythm paces. “Deconstruct Forget” has a part where the strumming sounds like a grinding process that literally feels like its berserking element that implements a buzz-saw effect, impactfully drilling into your teeth for contorted pressure. Franco Guadrini on vocals surges with throaty raspiness & robust gutturals in bellowing pipes that roar with grunty growls for hysteria sake - the titular track summons more deathly harmonies as complexly fundamental wickedness radically strives with swerving severity. Systematically converging a deciphering rift of well… what the fuck is going on? Mentality, “Like Shadows” knows when to provide rapidly swift nimbleness while snappy zest unearths itself but it just sounds a little unperfected, which is fine but a little polish would have been spot on with the production & musicianship front.

Fucking Glory” is a victorious triumph on well, noise terror disorder. Lots of ripping wrath yet not enough detailed tweaks to make this somewhat listenable or repeated, it’s just strange how it’s all constructed. Sure there’s originality, which gains points yet the tone just sounds unrefined & just… bizarre. “Evocate” supplies more of the same revocation, think of a destructive riot that’s fueling an anarchy of nothing but destruction and quake, think of that in Death/Grind form… by the time I got to the penultimate track “Devastate On Me” & the overall concluding banger “Among The Arid Peaks”; I was glad it was over. “Like Shadows” felt like a bulldozing fabrication in brutality, but there must be a point where the tempos waver with significant trance? This just felt like a headache near the end.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that while this didn’t grab me totally, EFYD delivered an interesting listen somewhat. Yet, it is a record that I will not be going back to. Worthy of spinning only at your own risk; it’s a discovery that should be enjoyed but because of the lack of refinement, it just felt like a mass offering of persistent perseverance for the sake of being somewhat proggy. I’d say enjoyable, but an experience that should be checked out mostly for Grind enthusiasts I’d say.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Suffer, Die, Rot
2. The Tinkling Of Chains
3. Dementia Process
4. Anger Burn Inside
5. Deconstruct Forget
6. Like Shadows
7. Fucking Glory
8. Evocative
9. Devastate On Me
10. Among The Arid Peaks
Franco Guadrini - Vocals
Marco Recanati - Drums
Luca Maccalli - Bass
Record Label: Metal Scrap Records


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