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Egeria - As Night Falls

As Night Falls
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 26 November 2019, 6:05 AM

Founded in December of 2013 by lead singer Nicole, EGERIA started out as a group of friends interested in metal music and playing cover songs. After a period of playing cover songs, Nicole and Max began introducing ideas for new songs to the rest of the group. It ́s from those ideas that their first original song “Requiem Draconis” was created. In 2017 the band released their first EP “Requiem of Shadows” and played their first gigs. Eventually they found out their own sound with influences from classical, symphonic and progressive melodies. Their unique music takes listeners on a dark, fantastical journey into the darkest depths where dreams and nightmares alike become reality. They now return with their newest EP titled “As Night Falls,” which contains five new tracks.

“A Night at the Mansion” leads off the album, with energetic guitars and a bit of mystery. Nicole’s vocals are perfect in pitch, especially as she reaches the upper ranges. It has a slight Power Metal quality to it. I don’t really hear many keys in the mix, but the vocal harmonies give it a rich sound. “What Lies Beneath” features guitar and keys playing in a synergy from the beginning. It moves at a slow pace, and features some piano notes every now and again. It builds to a crescendo at the end, with all the moving parts coming together. “The Rise of the Fallen Queen” is the epic opus at the album. It takes a bit of meandering before establishing the main sound, but it feels compartmentalized and I am having a little trouble following the story. It gathers some steam towards the end and ends on a high note.

“Shattered Mirrors” is another slower song…the album is unfortunately mired in them. The song does have a full sound which can often be missed in the genre but it has parts that don’t seem to connect well. Nicole delivers a strong vocal performance and the guitar solo is fairly nice but it just doesn’t seem to really be going anywhere. “Dawn Breaks” closes the EP. Following an instrumental opening, it establishes a main sound created by keys, guitars and bass. It has a slightly depressive tone to it at times, hopeful at other times. It ends rather unceremoniously.

Overall, I think what we have here is a newer band trying to make a name for themselves in the industry. I hear some lack of experience, but they do have a strong singer which is a good start. I think if they varied up the tempos of the songs, they would have more life in them, and more “oomph.” Once they find their footing, they have all the ingredients to make a fine full-length album. For now, this EP just fell kind of flat for me.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. A Night at the Mansion
2. What Lies Beneath
3. The Rise of the Fallen Queen
4. Shattered Mirrors
5. Dawn Breaks
Nicole – Vocals
Max – Keyboards
Maurice – Guitars
Joris – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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