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Ehlder - Nordabetraktelse Award winner

by Cullen Baldridge at 21 September 2019, 8:47 PM

EHLDER is a Black Metal project from Norrland, Sweden, they seem to be taking the path laid before them and leaving their own footsteps on the path.

"Stridskail" has a flat, somewhat alluring intro, with a chant of some sort eventually coming along to introduce the Black Metal Vocals, the mixing of the instruments throughout the song are second to none. "Andlos" seems to have an Egyptian influence of some kind, it could just be me. Musically as before, seems to be very simplistic but woven together, producing a journey for your ears to roam, has a cool ending with what I'm familiar with as a native ceremonial drum beat. "Doren I En Doende Kropp" is another song where the adventure is through the musicianship, where each note is perfectly placed, with a calming pace, it's not heavy and fast but not exactly slow either.

"Hedningadrapa" is a little flat and maybe a touch slower than what has become before it, it was kind of depressing, because for a split second, it had what I deem as an old school in your face intro but toned down almost as fast as it started. "Gammelmod" is fueled with extorted guitars, to be honest sounds like a mess at first but they pull it together nicely into their nice typical tightly wrapped package. "Tagen" actually reminded me of an eighties rock song until the vocals came in, I'm going to have to say this is my favorite song on the album, I dig the music and love how the vocals are placed and with only one other song left to check out, I'm feeling like it's a safe bet. "Varerytm I Varganord" begins with a howl and a cool tribal beat, um, well, I guess it is a five minute and seven second drum solo but it's very cool and I recommend you check it out.

This album is very well put together, nothing seems forced, everything feels comfortable organized, I think EHLDER did a great job making this album.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10


5 Star Rating

1. Stridskail
2. Andlos
3. Doren I En Doende Kropp
4. Hedningadrapa
5. Gammelmod
6. Tagen
7. Varerytm I Varganord
Villehard - Percussions
Graavehlder - All Other Instruments
Record Label: Nordvis Produktion


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