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Eight Bells - The Captain's Daughter

Eight Bells
The Captain's Daughter
by Cameron Ervin at 16 May 2013, 12:33 PM

The progressive and Avant-Garde genres of music are the most interesting in my opinion. So many different sounding bands exist under these two banners of music. In all genres of music there is destined to be some underground band that is extremely talented but never recognized for their talent due to the type of music they choose to play. EIGHT BELLS is just that band, most likely doomed to never receive mainstream recognition or the wealth of some other musicians before them. Instead this three piece group is entirely focused on the music as all bands should be. Perhaps it is the fact that this band is free from such distractions that enable them able create such different music. EIGHT BELLS draws certain traits from genres, progressive and Avant-Garde, creating an experience the listener won’t soon forget. This is in the same vein of music by STORM CORROSION that is, eerie, obscure, and atmospheric. “The Captain’s Daughter” is a 40 minute journey that spans a mere 4 tracks and only one of those songs has vocals, “Fate And Technology”. The vocals done on this record are rough at best and the production doesn’t help. The soft vocals fit well with the music but the harsher screams are hard on the ears. The production of this album is very stripped down; the overall sound of this record is stripped down. The bass is fuzzy sounding and sometimes I confused it with the guitar. The guitar work was different to say the least. There were a few discernible riffs and licks but the majority of the time it was ringing out with strange sounding chords to help create the feel this album possesses. The drums are very powerful here and I like that quite a bit. The drummer makes it known that he actually enjoys what he does through his playing. Just because this album lacked a good production does not mean it’s a poor album. “The Captain’s Daughter” is a very satisfying album for me. I was entertained from start to finish as these talented musicians enveloped me in their unique and haunting atmosphere. I had never heard anything like EIGHT BELLS before and this experience ended all too soon.

This album is certainly not for everyone; in fact I doubt that most of you will enjoy this experience. EIGHT BELLS makes weird haunting music and I love it. If you are curious enough to get a feel for the type of music I am trying to describe I strongly suggest you give this album more than one play through because this music takes a while for it to grow on you, but the end result is worth it. 

4 Star Rating

1. Tributaries
2. Fate and Technology
3. The Captain's Daughter
4. Yellowed Wallpaper
Melynda Jackson – Guitars, Vocals
Christopher Van Huffel - Drums
Haley Westeiner – Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Seventh Rule Recordings


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