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Eighteenth Hour - Eighteenth Hour

Eighteenth Hour
Eighteenth Hour
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 23 August 2019, 5:58 AM

Someday, when those who write about Metal and Rock history deal with the period we are living in now, they’ll for sure study this weird pattern of “travelling back to the past”, a strange search for a hidden treasure. Of course some bands create good music in such a way, but it won’t sound new and fresh due the fact that the paradigm is solidly established. If the readers can close the eyes for this fact, “Eighteenth Hour” can be a good choice for having a good time.

The quartet EIGHTEENTH HOUR is another band trying to make music in a Classic Rock way similar to LED ZEPPELIN and THIN LIZZY, using their eclectic insight to build music. Their songs are good, indeed, but it’s hard to close the eyes to that old feeling that says “I already heard it before”. Yes, their music has talent and energy, but it’s too near from what was already heard time and time again. The production of “Eighteenth Hour” was done in a way to be organic, a good work done by the band along with Brian J. Anthony (the last one did the mixing as well). It’s good, but again: the ambiance given by the sound quality tries to be like an old days’ sonority sometimes. And that means problem: EIGHTEENTH HOUR will never be a band from the 70’s or 80’s.

Musically, the band shows talent, but needs to improve in many aspects, mainly in the need for showing a musical identity. But the listener can enjoy a good time hearing to “Where the Truth Lies” (good melodies), the mix between some newer elements with 70’s ambiance shown on “Try” (good chorus) and on “Damage Done”, the good touch of groove heard on “Such a Shame”, and the charming harmonies of “Should’ve Been Gone”.  Once more: the quartet just has to put more of their own identity on their music on the next time.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Where the Truth Lies
2. In Denial
3. Try
4. Damage Done
5. Takes Me Back
6. Such a Shame
7. Unnoticed
8. Should’ve Been Gone
9. The Rising
10. All This Time
Geoff Houser - Vocals, Guitars
David Zullo - Guitars
Jim Touchton - Bass
Tom Chaffier - Drums
Record Label: Escape Music


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