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Eis - Wetterkreuz

by Katarzyna Zakolska at 08 November 2012, 8:18 PM

"Wetterkreuz" was released sometime in late September. EIS is a Black Metal band from Bielefeld, Germany. They were active from 2005 to 2010 under the name GEIST. The band released three albums, the obscure, eccentric and furious "Patina", the warmer, melancholic and autumnal "Kainsmal” and the cold, oceanic "Galeere".

On this album there are five songs, every single one of them ranges the 10 minutes length. “Wetterkreuz”, the track of my liking, is a long track but the most interesting song on this CD. This track is characterized by a calmer measure on the intro. The screaming vocals rip thoughts and mind. The middle of this song shares great keyboards and strong & raw guitar riffs. You may also notice the sort of cheery Punkish drumming and guitars during a moment. The pace is on a constant mood of change, from slower to faster tempos. The last stand of this song is yielding, so the listener would be able to calm down. The other songs are also good. “Bei Den Sternen”, where the prologue is pliable and the riffing seems disheartened but melancholy & nostalgic, I felt as if being lost in space.

In “Mann Aus Stein” there are raw guitars and percussion whirl. Over the 5th minute, where the tempo is slower, I imagined myself listening to DIMMU BORGIR.Where there is no rest, there is true Black Metal and it came with“Auf Kargen Klippen”. It is like journey inside your mind. The song harbors Thrash riffs that spread like killer machine. The musicians’ technical playing is astounding well. Next there are the inspiring keyboards that sound climatic in “Am Abgrund” that also display great vocal growls in the manner of IMMORTAL.The song is melodic and distributes magic as if from a cold distant land. I liked the synergy between the powerful drumming the blackish rhythm guitars.

EIS seems to be composing songs that follow the same type of patterns. Most of the songs shares frosty wind, snowstorm and anxious mood, a freezing to the bone disposition altogether. I have to admit that sometimes the growls tired me. The music is well played, rigid riffing from blast chops to silent echoes. I noticed melodies along with climatic keyboards. EIS can be hypnotic with their music and able to accelerate their fans’ heart rate.

In my opinion this album is for listeners who like hear to grouchy growl vocals and raw Black Metal. I am sure that anyone who likes the music of DIMMU BORGIR and IMMORTAL will not be disappointed.

4 Star Rating

1. Mann aus Stein
2. Auf kargen Klippen
3. Wetterkreuz
4. Am Abgrund
5. Bei den Sternen 
Alboin- Guitars, Bass, Synths, Vocals
Marlek- Drums
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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