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Eisbrecher - Liebe Macht Monster

Leibe Macht Monster
by Emily Schneider at 01 June 2021, 12:12 PM

EISBRECHER hails from Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. The band is founded by lead singer Alexx and guitarist Noel, who knew one another from their previous band MEGAHERZ. Their debut album came out in 2004 and they have since released 8 albums, their most recent being their “most experimental album yet” paraphrased from their Facebook page. The band falls under the subgenre of Neue Deutsche Härte, aka Dance Metal. Bands such as OOMPH! And RAMMSTEIN popularized the branch of Industrial music in the mid-90s and EISBRECHER certain followed in stride. These guys are well seasoned in the genre and certainly deliver with their 2021 release. Here's some highlights of my “I cannot speak more than a handful of phrases in German” first impressions.

FAKK” is a fast, aggressive track with pacing that would really suit a workout playlist. (best suited for something tough like kickboxing or rowing) “Nein Danke” has such a catchy chorus paired with some dance-worthy synthy melodies. “Im Guten im Bösen” along with the title track “Liebe macht Monster” are perfectly made for a night of dancing in a goth club with those slower yet undeniably appealing keys and heavy guitar combination. “Frommer Mann” and “Dagegen” both immediately had me banging my head to the chuggy main riffs. Yet, I also couldn't stop moving in my seat to the earworm catchy synth melodies that contrasted with the heavy riffs perfectly.

Systemsprenger” shakes things up with some syncopated and speedy vocals. The main guitar melody hops all over the scales and Maximilian had a chance to really play around with the synths and sound effects with this one!

Himmel” has a dreamy feel, a bit of melancholy to slow the album down some without it feeling out of place. It's normally the song on the album that I pay attention to the lyrics, but I barely speak a word of German so I had to guess the song has a sad, nostalgic context  and hold my figurative lighter and sway along. “Kontrollverlust” revs the engine right back up after the ballad with a kick ass pure Industrial Metal track. This is the song on the album that if the band plays it live, the crowd would most certainly break out into a crazy mosh pit and would easily be a fan favorite for that. The closing track “Es Lebe der Tod” has a haunting, spooky feel with the lower tones and organ-like keys. This one really reminded me of RAMMSTEIN because of this darker mood. I felt this song really finished off the album nicely with just the right amount of gloomy and fun-fare.

Overall, EISBRECHER is excellent at what they do. This album was pure fun with plenty of infectious melodies worth dancing to. I quite enjoyed the Goth influence throughout as well; it certainly made me long for the late nights of dancing and camaraderie at my goth dance club/bar. I did also adore that the dance-y melodies weren't overpowering the Industrial Metal riffs and solos either. It was all balanced out just perfectly to make this album more than worthy of throwing on at a get-together or even for a night of dancing alone.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Es lohnt sich nicht ein Mensch zu sein
3.Nein Danke
4.Im Guten im Bösen
5.Frommer Mann
7.Liebe macht Monster
8. Wer bin ich
9. Himmel
10. Kontrollverlust
11. Leiserdrehen
12. High Society
13. Es Lebe der Tod
Alexx Wesselsky -Vocals
Noel Pix - Lead Guitar, Programming/Production
Jürgen Plangger - Rhythm Guitar
Maximilian Schauer - Keyboards
Rupert Keplinger - Bass
Achim Färber - Drums
Record Label: Metropolis Records


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Edited 06 October 2022

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