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Eisley/Goldy - Bloods, Guts and Games

Blood, Guts and Games
by Craig Rider at 03 February 2018, 7:12 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I’m proud to present to you: EISLEY/GOLDY; signed via Frontiers Music, hailing from the United States of America - performing Melodic Hard Rock, on their debut album entitled: “Blood, Guts And Games” (released December 1st, 2017).

Since formation in XXXX; the quintet in question have only this here album in their discography so far, I’m introduced to their debut record:  “Blood, Guts And Games”. 11 tracks ranging at around 1 hour, the quartet provide an intricately designed slab of solid substances and concrete aesthetics of organic instrumentation and musicianship. Going in with low expectations; I immediately discover uniquely composed distinctions in the opening song “The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” which elements consistent implementations of 80s esquire influences and proficiencies. David Glen Eisley on an extravangant amount of instruments including vocals; guitars, keyboards, pianos – bass and hammond, I’m already overwhelmed at the diligency here, and vast contrast the multitasker has produced.

I Don’t Belong Here Anymore” consists of complex dexterity from second diligent multitasker Craig Goldy, who dynamically constructs melodic executions on more guitars, keyboards and bass – brilliantly demonstrating elegent riffs and solos that are profusely robust and energetically relentless. “Lies I Can Live With” showcases more distinguished enlightenments of diversely orchestrated variety, while distributing an efficient amount of hard-hitting domaintion. Powerhouse drummer Ron Wilkso provides a hammering amount of pulverizing adroitness in the song “No More Prayers In The Dark” which demonstrates battering, thunderous gallops like a clap of lightning bolt thunder from the skies above.

Love Of The Game” portrays a grandiose manifestation of bouncy crunchiness and excels with rhythmic characteristics, balanced with a selubrious amount groovy attributions and substantial finesse. “Wings Of A Hurricane” expertly crafts rapidly swift nimbleness, flourishing with the progressive technicalities that embodiment the songwriting and sound production process with graceful intentions. “Life, If Only A Memory” utilizes a continuous flair of astonishing comprehension that keeps one captivated, while entertained and motivated with the abundant fabrications that shroud this artistic creation. “Soul Of Madness” generates similar differentiations, as the efficaiciousness adequately leaps with coherent assortments.

Track Thirteen” is an odd one, where I thought the song was indeed a track 13, I was a little baffled with it - still a fulfilling song that showcased impressive variance. “Believe In One Another” has dramatic stability, as it relishes with for an enjoyable structure in which is still excitingly epic. Overall concluding “Blood, Guts And Games” with the bonus track from the Japanese Edition “To A Friend”; I am compelled to say that EISLEY/GOLDY outdone themselves with this one, worth listening to.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
2. I Don’t Belong Here Anymore
3. Lies I Can Live With
4. No More Prayers In The Dark
5. Love Of The Game
6. Wings Of A Hurricane
7. Life, If Only A Memory
8. Soul Of Madness
9. Track 13
10. Believe In One Another
11. To A Friend
David Glen Eisley – Lead/Backing Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards/Piano/Bass/Hammond
Craig Goldy - Guitars/Lead Guitars/Keyboards/Bass
Ron Wikso - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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