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Eisregen - Fleischfilm Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 02 September 2017, 9:47 AM

One way to be different from other bands is the mixing of many Metal genres into one form of music. This is a common formula used by many bands in their search for a musical identity. Of course that in some cases, the equation is not balanced and everything will fall down. But in other, something really different arises from the cauldron, as this fine work from German band EISREGEN, a veteran with 22 years of experience. And we can say that “Fleischfilm”, their new album, is really amazing!

The band’s musical identity was built on a fine blend between Death/Black Metal with Doom Metal and Gothic elements, and the personality of the musicians are there, pulsing on a form of music that is aggressive and elegant at the same time, with fine arrangements. But of course, it demands patience to be fully understood. But their melodic lines and harmonic structures are really amazing, and their music hypnotizes us all.

“Fleischfilm” was produced by Markus Stock, the same one who made the mixing and mastering. And Martin Schirenc (former vocalist/guitarist from PUNGENT STENCH) worked on the recording sessions of the guitar. All these efforts were done to bring you a somber and elegant form of music with a rough sound quality that fits on what they need. It’s clear enough for our comprehension, but harsh as their aggressiveness must be felt even on tender moments. And the cover art and artwork were created by Adrian Keindorf to fit on the lyrical concept of the album, focused on the 70s and 80s movies by directors like Argento and Fulci. As the band needed some musicians for the recordings, we can find the names of Ulf Theodor Schwadorf (bass guitar), Martin Schirenc (guitars), Gemser (keyboards), and Frau N. Feind (violin) as session musicians. But this aspect made “Fleischfilm” sounds even better.

The somber and elegant “Hauch des Todes” with its fine keyboards melodies and harsh vocals, the fine melodies ad very good work from bass guitar and drums on the sinister “Jenseits der Dunkelheit”, the silky aggressiveness of “Auf den Spuren der Säge” with its fine guitars and very good tempo changes, the fine percussions on the introspective moments of “Tiefrot”, the bitterness that flows from the beautiful melodies from keyboards and the aggressiveness from vocals on “Menschenfresser”, the Industrial accessible feeling that permeates the keyboards effects on “Syndikat des Schreckens”, and the strong Symphonic Doom parts of “Im Blutrausch” with its creative melodic changes of rhythm. And as a bonus track for the album, we have an introspective and sinister song, “Nacht kommt Das Delirium”.

Lovely and amazing, “Fleischfilm” will reach and conquer the hearts of all those who listen with an open heart.

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Drei Mütter
2. Hauch des Todes
3. Jenseits der Dunkelheit
4. Die letzte Reise des Alan Yates (Metamorphose 2)
5. Auf den Spuren der Säge
6. Tiefrot
7. Nahe der Friedhofsmauer
8. Menschenfresser
9. Syndikat des Schreckens
10. Im Blutrausch
11. Satan der Rache
12. Nacht kommt Das Delirium
Blutkehle - Vocals
Yantit - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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