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Eisregen - Marschmusik

by Jamie O Neill at 12 September 2015, 5:46 PM

With a career spanning two decades, you could almost forgive a band for running out of ideas and going stale, EISREGEN however, have released an album that will stand alongside the very best of their back catalogue, ‘’MARSHMUSIK’’. Originated in Thuringia, Germany EISREGEN combine death with harsh black metal vocals, as well as snippets of folk, as heard at the beginning of my stand out track on the album ‘’FLEISHBRAND’’.  At first, they quite reminded me of RAMMSTEIN, possibly because of the thick German accent, but EISREGEN are more extreme and more obnoxious!

The album begins with the song ‘’MARSHMUSIK’’, the pounding of drums followed by distorted guitar chugs, one could see yourself standing in front of an army of thousands ready to commence battle! His voice throughout the album is deathly, vicious and certainly morbid, such extremity of the band’s music comes from Michael Roth’s great harsh vocals. As mentioned beforehand, my favorite song on the album is ‘’FLESISHBRAND’’; the song starts with a violin piece, which is reminiscent of THERIONS ‘’THE FLIGHT OF THE LORD OF FLIES’’, the violin accompanies the guitar riff for a lot of the song and with the catchy lyrics, you could easily see this becoming a favorite amongst fans.  I could see it as a festival hymn with thousands pumping their fists into the air and soaking in the atmosphere. "MEIN LEBEN AUF DEINER HAUT" is a song where you can hear heavy meet melodic, a head banging anthem; it hits all the right spots for me and kept the album at a high standard, now I come to ‘’PANZERSCHOKOLADE’’; where to start with this one,  ridiculously catchy, quite humorous  at times, a short song at only 2 minutes 18 seconds in length, but it seems to pack a lot in. The intro will get your head moving, a real fun song and most definitely a song which fans will love.

Admittedly, it took me a few listens to get into the swing of this album, but frankly its’ a cracking effort by the German masters, an album full of belters, a terrific record from the extreme veterans. This being their 20th anniversary release, I can see how they might have felt pressured to produce something special to mark the occasion and they have gone and done just that, a solid release, and I for one, will be looking forward to a European tour from these guys.

3 Star Rating

1. Marschmusik
2. Blutkreis
3. Bunkertur
4. Leichensack
5. Gott Der Panzer
6. Adlerhorst
7. Fleischbrand
8. Mein Leben auf Deiner Haut
9. Foltergeist
10. Was Van Dir Bleibt
11. Panzerschokolade
12. Pervertin Peter
Michael “Blutkehle“ Roth - Vocals
Michael “Bursche“ Lenz - Guitars, Bass Guitar
Franzi “Dr. Franzenstein“ - Keyboard
Ronny “Yantit“ Fimmel - Drums, Electronics
Record Label: Massacre Records


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