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Eisregen - Todestage

by Dorothy Cheng at 16 December 2013, 4:12 PM

EISREGEN, with their traditional Black / Death Metal sound have come back with another album, the eleven-tracked “Todestage”. In line with their previous efforts, “Todestage” carries with it the same horror-inspired splatter films influences in the lyrics, while the music works to bring out the best of the band’s mood.

This new album features a darker atmosphere all around, with the musicians prying the most of their instruments’ potentials by skirting the edges of extreme musicality. “Todestage” is heavy all around, and although EISREGEN cannot be said to be the most innovative of bands, the utter heaviness of “Todestage” may be enough to quell the expectations of many Black / Death Metal fans.

As always, with straightforward heaviness and a lack of experimentations, bands like EISREGEN tend to produce rather redundant records. This is not to say that it isn’t a quality record in terms of music, production, and lyrics – it’s just not one those albums that comes across as very inspiring.

To hype up the album’s music, EISREGEN tries to bring in some folk influences such as the violin, used in “Waldgott”. There are dynamics in influences throughout the album, from Blutkehle’s Black Metal vocals to the Death Metal drums to violins, EISREGEN’s choice classical instrument. That being said, all this does little to elevate the originality of the band’s music, although it does lend a bit of creativity to the songs’ overall structures.

Keyboards feature moderately too as EISREGEN tries to keep things groovy with some symphonic and electronic influences. Other than that though, there is little innovation to be found. That being said, the production sounds very professional, giving EISREGEN’s raw sound a refined edge.

Overall, this is a commendable effort that can be said to be well-put-together. However, EISREGEN is not exactly known for their strokes of musical brilliance, so don’t expect to hear anything new. This is a straightforward Black / Death Metal record that inspires headbanging and aggression, but little more. 

3 Star Rating

1. Waldgott
2. Todestag
3. DSDSL (Deutschland sucht die Superleiche)
4. Höllenfahrt
5. Lang lebe die Nadel
6. Familienbande: Vater Tod & Mutter Nacht
7. Oh wie sie schrie
8. Mitternacht
9. Oststern am Narbenhimmel
10. Tot/Untot
11. Seele mein
Blutkehle - Vocals
West - Bass
Dr. Franzenstein - Keyboards
Bursche Lenz - Guitars
Yantit - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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