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Ektomorf - Retribution Award winner

by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 16 December 2013, 5:41 PM

EKTOMORF are a Groove / Thrash Metal band who formed in 1994, so are as old as me. The Hungarian band has an impressive number of albums and live performances on their CV, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Their album “Retribution” is the latest addition to their repertoire, and proves that the four-piece are well worth their long and successful career.

“Retribution” consists of an impressive 14 tracks, kicking off with the assertive “You Can’t Control Me”. The heavy number begins with funky riffs by Zoltán Farkas and Tomi Schrottner, and impressive bass by Szabi Murvai and drumming by Robert Jaksa, before being joined by Farkas’s raspy growls. The track is made even better by the breakdown in the interlude. Next up is “Ten Plagues”, another example of the two guitarists’ impressive work. Track number 3, “Face your Fear” has an addictive rhythm and perfectly-executed instrumentation to get you revved up to show your phobias who is boss. “Escape” consists of a range of guitar work, including fast picking and distorted riffs, which is made even better by haunting vocals and drum and bass. As the name suggests, “Who The Fuck Are You” depicts a rather disgruntled temperament. Farkas’s vocals are deep and bitter, and Jaksa’s drumming is harsh and rapid. There are some cool guitar solos in this track, too, further illustrating the diverse quality of the band. The ending is chaotic, with very speedy guitar, bass and drums, adding to the mood of the song. “Numb And Sick” contains some clean vocals, as well as angry growls, adding a little something different to the mix. Track number 7 has a sombre introduction, with melodic guitars and soft vocals. “Lost And Destroyed” is one of the few songs on the album which depicts EKTOMORF’s gentler side, for only for a couple of minutes. The chorus returns to the more edgy sound of their previous tracks, making this track appealing to a variety of Metal fans.

“Souls of Fire” has a symphonic introduction, which is so subtle you may miss it if you aren’t listening close enough. The track soon welcomes the guitars, bass and drums, but the vocals remain absent until nearly halfway through. They certainly make up for lost time, though, with an aggressive grating quality which suits the machine gun drumming and catchy riffs perfectly. Next up, we have “I Hate You”, a sentiment which is appropriately backed up by the unforgiving drums, embittered guitars and cynical vocals. “Watch Me” had my feet tapping from start to finish, and I’m sure you’ll suffer a similar fate when you hear the unbelievably addictive rhythm this song has to offer. “Mass Ignorance” has a very similar effect on the body, with instruments so fast they’re bound to get a speeding ticket. The following track is another mellow one, with deep yet slow guitars and drums, and clean vocals. “Save Me” soon becomes heavy in the chorus, however, as the pace picks up and the growls return. “Whisper” is the second last song on the album, and is also the longest, at nearly 6 minutes. This track contains all the best aspects of EKTOMORF, from vocals, guitars, drums and bass, and has an eerie interlude to make things even better. Finally, track 14 concludes the album with acoustic and symphonic instruments, and gentle cleans. “Collapsed Bridge” is beautiful lyrically and musically, and is an unexpected ending to a Metal album, but by no means unwelcome.

EKTOMORF are a very talented group of musicians, who deserve their great success. Their sound is distinct, and they are not afraid to venture into the realms of the gentler side of Metal music, making their latest creation “Retribution” a definite recommendation for all Metal fans. 

4 Star Rating

1. You Can’t Control Me
2. Ten Plagues
3. Face Your Fear
4. Escape
5. Who The Fuck Are You
6. Numb And Sick
7. Lost And Destroyed
8. Souls of Fire
9. I Hate You
10. Watch Me
11. Mass Ignorance
12. Save Me
13. Whisper
14. Collapsed Bridge
Zoltán Farkas – Vocals / Guitars
Tomi Schrottner - Guitars
Szabi Murvai - Bass
Robert Jaksa – Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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