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Ektomorf - Instinct (CD)

by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 24 March 2005, 6:14 AM

The Hungarian modern Thrash/Hardcore act Ektomorf, which began back in 1994, has launched its new assault from the fields of desolation & anger and has hit the target right in the centre! These guys are quite experienced but most of all fuelled with anger and brutality which makes their music sound so fierce and violent! After their tour with Kreator and Dark Tranquility they must have gained valuable experience and ideas from the road which they will hopefully transfer into their new records and artistic image in general.
Their aggressive, intensive style of playing will attract all neo-thrashers and neo-metallers plus everyone who is interested in the post Divine Intervention era of the thrash Universe creators Slayer amongst others. Fragments of Roots Bloody Roots, Chaos A.D. and other Sepulturian ways of neo-thrashing are found here! Maybe at certain points the similarity is too overstriking and obvious but Ektomorf finally deliver their message in their own way and ability! Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura mainman) would definitely approve of  Ektomorf and maybe he'd even want them to open for Soulfly! Even  Slayer would trust them as their opening act since they are so overwhelming with energy and hostility! Intensity never seems to cease flowing from this CD!
Are these guys really so pissed? Elements of those aforementioned virtues are witnessed at their live performances with the German archbishops of European thrash perfectionism, Kreator! All the tracks overflow with energy and pure neo-thrash heavy instinct. Fuck You All is a very interesting spiritual song full of lyrical, emotional depth and is strongly recommended for those suffering from heart problems. Gee I need to have a cup of tea after this CD is through in order for my nerves to calm down! I must also admit that I had misjudged Ektomorf - based on their live performance because I had not paid the proper attention to them! If I went back to their concert now I would surely enjoy them more and I would pay the proper attention, no doubt! Sorry guys!
If you are into the Soulfly /  Slipknot /  Sepultura  type of music then definitely Ektomorf  is your band! What we would expect more from this band would be recovering songs such as The Beatles' It's a Hard Day's Night found in their album I Scream Up To the Sky.
Top gems in Instinct include amongst others: Set Me Free, Show Your Fist, Fuck You, I Break You plus the title track.
If you are an 'old school' kind of fan then you would rate Instinct with 4 discs out of 5 whereas if you are a new Metal kind of fan you would give it a 4,5 out of 5. Just trust your instinct and go dig in Ektomorf! Conclusively…

4 Star Rating

Set Me Free
Show Your Fist
The Holy Noise
Fuck You All
United Nations
Land Of Pain
I Break You
You Get What You Give
Until The End
I Will
Farkas Zoltan - Vocals & Guitar
Kovacs Laszlo - Guitar
Farkas Csaba - Bass
Szakacs Jozsef - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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