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Eldritch - Livequake (CD)

by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 08 January 2009, 10:48 AM

For reasons I cannot think, I had not get into ELDRITCH's music even though the Italian band counts almost two decades in the Metal scene. Maybe the haunting 'progressive' tag was holding me away from this fivesome. Well, ELDRITCH after seven studio albums took the decision to take a break and look over this quite successful career by releasing a double live CD that also features a bonus DVD.
The concert was recorded in Lugnano/Pisa of Italy (of course) in the 22nd of March, 2008. The two CDs represent the late and the prime era of the band. They chose (wisely) to start the concert covering their latest discography from Reverse (2001) towards the latest and clearly most successful Blackenday.
The band feels and of course sounds confident and relaxed performing live in front of their fellow countrymen; this reflects to the entire atmosphere of the concert enhancing the intimate and the 'home' feeling. Despite the fact that ELDRITCH's music can be characterized complicated and yes it does touch the Progressive genre the live recording comes smoothly without boring and overloaded solo-breaks. Terence Holler seems to be a good frontman by establishing a honest connection with the audience 'convincing' them to participate on the on-stage festivities but I think he uses way too often the term 'motherfuckers'. Some of the highlights for this part one are the NEVERMORE guitar driven The Child That Never Smiles, the atmospheric The Blackened Day, the fast almost Power Metal The Deep Sleep and  Reverse with the addictive groove.
Although, Blackenday covers the bigger part on disc one, I believe that Frozen should have also a place there; this song describes precisely ELDRITCH's musical signature that balances between aggression and melody nicely blending sophisticated guitar phrases and melodies to straightforward and sing-along chorus lines. There is absolutely no space for doubts about the musical skills of ELDRITCH since the songs are performed with power and precision. Sound-wise the live recording should have given additional 'space' to the audience that seems to enjoy this entire ride through the band's discography. Unfortunately, I only had the chance to review the audio part of this recording hence there are no comments on the visual aspect of this release.
Disc one ends with the fast and heavy Toil Of Mine after Terence has preambled the second part of the concert saying that Oleg Smirnoff would join them behind the keyboards. This part comprises ten tracks that cover the rest of the band's discography excellently concluding the live recording. The second part opens with the intro Fall From Grace and is followed by No Direction Home justifying the Progressive Metal foundations that were more distinct in the band's early works. The keyboards take a step forward and add some additional depth to the recording enhancing the melody and the surrounding atmosphere.
For your, info the bonus DVD contains the whole concert, a documentary from the band's headlining performance at 2006 Chicago's 'Powerfest', two interview and three video clips making the entire release something more than enticing. Below you can watch the report from the band's European 'Blackenday Tour 2008'.
European Tour Report 2008

3 Star Rating

Disc 1

In The House, In A Heartbeat
The Deep Sleep
Save Me
The Blackened Day
The World Apart
Standing Still
Bless Me Now
The Child That Never Smiles
More Than Marylin
This Everlasting Mind Disease
Silent Flame
Toil Of Mine

Disc 2

Fall From Grace
No Direction Home
Heretic Beholder
Bleed Mask Bleed
From Dusk Till Dawn
Nebula Surface
Ghoulish Gift
Lord Of An Empty Place
Incurably Ill
Terence Holler - Vocals
Eugene Simone - Guitar
Rob PEK Proietti - Guitar
John Crystal - Bass
Raffahell Dridge - Drums
Record Label: Limb Music


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