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Electric Charged - Electric Charged 01 Award winner

Electric Charged
Electric Charged 01
by Kyle Scott at 06 March 2019, 6:05 PM

France is back again with their latest caustic contribution to the Metal Gods with aggressive Metalcore band ELECTRIC CHARGED. Coming with them is about a half ton of radioactive riffs and a Don’t-Even-Try-To-Fuck-With-Us attitude rarely seen since the early years of SLIPKNOT. Speaking of which, ELECTRIC CHARGED adopt masks and alter egos for their stage presence and play with ferocious intent on their official debut album Electric Charged 01. Playing since 2011, ELECTRIC CHARGED has had plenty of time to get their sound just right before getting ready to release an album. The band is ready to claim the minds of many with Electric Charged 01!

As electric as their name implies, they spark like a live wire with energy strong enough to electrocute. Starting us off with a whirling dust devil of sound and fury in their opening track “Walking Corpses”, ELECTRIC CHARGED prove to us that they are not afraid to shock or deliver Tyler Durdenisms in their lyrics. Merovee’s rumbling, clipped bass and animalistic vocals already make for an ultimate, pummeling start to the album. The energy continues to fry everyone in sight with the following track “Badluck”. With crashing cymbals so harsh, they must generate a few dozen joules of heat per smash. ELECTRIC CHARGED give off plenty of aggro attitude, doing serious damage to both hearing and ego in both “Black Blood” and “Deathrow”.

In the sound pulverizer that is Electric Charged 01, there is little if any time for a moment of quiet reflection. The band hits the ground running from the first note to the end. Engaging the listener with awesome, bristling riffs loaded with sinew and gristle is the damning “Vox Populi” with its guttural vocals and peculiar time signatures set against a writhing wall of bass. Final song “Vultures and Crows” seeks to harm those who remain standing after the audio onslaught.  Get electric charged with this release!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Walking Corpses
2. Badluck
3. Toxic Buddy
4. Black Blood
5. Slowly It Propagates
6. Deathrow
7. Vox Populi
8. Vultures and Crows
Merovee - Bass and Vocals
Hitmike - Drums
Jasun Duke - Guitar
Record Label: M & O Music


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