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Electric Earth - Leaving For Freedom

Electric Earth
Leaving For Freedom
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 06 October 2014, 9:28 PM

Sweden is a country that, personally, I really like their bands, and to almost every band from Sweden, I can give a good grade. ELECTRIC EARTH is a Hard Rock band that exists since 2001 and in this year, they are celebrating their thirteenth years together and they are releasing their debut album, “Leaving For Freedom”.

"Drugs" opened with it’s addictive guitar riff that continues to be amazing and catchy chorus. It's very easy to love the song; it’s very fun and metallic and also very deep with a strong lyrics. The lyrics of the song are definitely genius. "The drugs won't let you go, they call for you", I really don’t know what was in the mind of the band's singer, Peter Gottlieb, when he wrote those words. In the bottom line, it’s a genius song and a great one to open this album.

"Scattered" is more classic and fun, some kind of a modern Hard Rock like ALTER BRIDGE and BLACK STONE CHERRY with some elements of old school guitar's adrenaline. The song actually combines everything I love about Hard Rock. And what’s special about what the band is doing is that they are like that the band very much loves this genre, and they are doing it. "Missing Pieces" isn’t like the previous track, it is much better and much more fun. The song’s got more dirty sound and even reminds me of Grunge bands like STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and SOUNDGARDEN.

"15th Of August" is the heaviest and the angriest song yet. The song starts very good, but in some places it starts to repeats himself. "Shelter" has got some parts that I’m thinking that they are just genius parts, like his bridge and his powerful chorus. But the problem in that in some points, the band is just repeating some parts over and over again.

Like the band have heard me, they are giving me "Devoid", a classic Glam Rock kind of a ballad that reminds some of BON JOVI's greatest songs. The song is possibly the best in the album and one of the most genius Hard Rock ballads I heard recently.

But after this amazing song, and some other great tracks, the band returns over the same thing. The problem starts with "Bad Motor Alive", a song that’s got good chorus, but besides that, he returns to the same thing that the band did in the other songs.

"Lost And Bloated" and “God In Disguise” also have the same thing. Everything the band did in the previous songs is going on and on, they don't do anything new. "Leaving For Freedom" is actually a newer thing, less heavy and reminds me more of KISS and GUNS N ROSES, but unlike previous songs, that every time something surprising happened, this time the song just remains more and more going to nowhere.

The band did very good job in the first few songs on the album, with great songs like "Drugs", "Missing Pieces", and of course, "Devoid". But it's like the band wrote some songs and, to me, they really like them, and have done it for the whole album. The band did some great songs, but the problem is that they didn’t diversify on this album and in some other songs, it was less great.

3 Star Rating

1. Drugs
2. Scattered
3. Missing Pieces
4. 15th Of August
5. Shelter
6. Devoid
7. Bad Motor Alive
8. Lost And Bloated
9. God In Disguise
10. Leaving For Freedom
Peter Gottlieb - Vocals, Guitars
Daniel Crawshaw - Guitar, Vocals
Draken - Drums
Lyris Karlsson - Bass
Record Label: TYSS Music


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