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Electric Frankenstein / The Cheats - Rockamania #1

Electric Frankenstein / The Cheats
Rockamania #1
by Andrew Sifari at 24 June 2014, 2:51 PM

They formed at different times and places, but ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN and THE CHEATS are two bands that share a common appreciation for high-octane Punk Rock. E.F. come from Whippany, New Jersey with around 100 official releases to their credit over their 20+ year history. THE CHEATS formed in 2001 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have three albums of their own under their belts. “Rockamania #1” features three new, original recordings from both bands as well as a cover song from each.

First up is ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, who steal the show right off the bat with the rapid fire “I Feel So Lonely”. Steve Miller’s simple, honest lyrics and smooth rhymes go great with the band’s energetic, Classic Rock-tinged attack. The gritty “Frankensong” is another good one, starting off with a slower, somewhat sinister feel before whipping into a fast-paced frenzy. The band’s cover of the DEAD BOYS’ “Son of Sam” is good, staying true to the original save for the vastly superior production and hair-raising pick-slides.

THE CHEATS open up the second half with “Sinners & Saints”. The chorus is pretty catchy, but isn’t very compelling otherwise. The band more than makes up for this with “Pittsburgh Cockfight”, a fast, upbeat and memorable song with much more energy than its predecessor. “Bad Attitude” is another solid offering that has all the aggression and manic energy its title implies. The EP ends with their vamped-up take on THE BACKSTREET GIRLS’ “Loaded,” which closes things out with a bang.

It’s nothing revolutionary, but ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN and THE CHEATS prove that the spirit of Punk Rock is very much alive and well with “Rockamania #1”. The buzzsaw guitars, wild solos, pounding drums and boundless energy across the EP are sure to delight fans of classic Punk bands like THE MISFITS, BAD BRAINS, and THE RAMONES.

3 Star Rating

1. I Feel So Lonely (Electric Frankenstein)
2. Frankensong (Electric Frankenstein)
3. That’s All I Need (Electric Frankenstein)
4. Son of Sam (Electric Frankenstein) (Dead Boys cover)
5. Sinners & Saints (The Cheats)
6. Pittsburgh Cockfight
7. Bad Attitude (The Cheats)
8. Loaded (The Cheats) (The Backstreet Girls cover)
Electric Frankenstein:

Steve Miller – Vocals, lead guitar
Sal Canzonieri – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Mindless – Bass
Mike Lincoln – Drums

The Cheats:

Todd Cheat - Vocals
Eric Wrecker - Guitar
Mark Serpico - Guitar
Tito Fishmocker - Bass
Aaron Judgment - Drums
Record Label: Screaming Crow Records


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