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Electric Guitars - Rock'n'Roll Radio

Electric Guitars
Rock'n'Roll Radio
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 March 2017, 12:08 AM

There is nothing better than wishful thinking. Why is that so really? It only causes heart aches and unnecessary pain as it would never come to be. Even so, to entertain your mind on something, particularly with a zero chance of falling into place, is rather the source of hope. We are living in a crazy world and everything can happen. The running Hard Rockin’ foursome of ELECTRIC GUITARS thought that it would be nice to share one of their aspirations for their local scene in Denmark. That is highly considerate of them. Therefore, they decided to write about and call their newly released album based on their wish, “Rock N’ Roll Radio”, and on the the back of the local Mighty Music. You are probably thinking to yourself why Radio in 2017? From my end, I believe that it is the best point of entry, and you have to start from the basics.

Directing some of their anguish and dismay regarding the endless battle to bring Rock into the airwaves, ELECTRIC GUITARS dove into the arts of heavy grooves dripping with fat guitar tones and distorted bass. There were times where I noticed sections that formed a Stoner Rock kind of vibe, a certain bleakness merged into Blues. However, the band’s vision didn’t end with being in a dismal state, but tended to come alive with rather more “cheerful” turn ups. Such material that catches past glimpses of AC/DC, KROKUS and GOTTHARD of the 80s along with a few bumps with DEF LEPPARD. In overall, ELECTRIC GUITARS are one of the true faces of Hard Rock music, there is nothing distinct about the band’s music, it is straightforward, not holding back and never giving up to nowadays crap.

When it is back to the basics, it doesn’t really mean back to bootcamp, these guys are certainly not amateurs. “Rock'n'Roll Radio” flashed several inspiring tracks that should take one’s attention to the band’s upcoming material. “Lucy Glow” channels the vibe of the 70’s crispy rockers, in a way following the current sensation that has been reemerging in Rock bands going vintage. Truly this is an awesome tune for a singalong, somewhat reminded me a bit of late 70s / early 80s BLUE OYSTER CULT. “Back To You”, serves as the band’s final word on this one, is another clasp of nostalgia. A slow tempo groovy rocker, felt like a slow motion movie, thick grooves, blazing melodies and an impressive vocal performance. “Homewrecking Woman” means that there is no bullshit around here. Carving into the skin a Blues thick edged number, an aggressive groovy machine, you can actually witness a man’s desperation out of woman, far from being stone cold piece of meat. “False Flag Operation” and “Headless Chicken” may as well be a single track. Sharing qualities in their songwriting, it probably wasn’t a good idea having them one after the other on the tracklist. Both catchy, hard to the core, rockers, closer to the mainstream demands but in the same breath far from being accepted into the greasy picket line. Tuneful, yet I believe that the band wrote much better songs.

Let’s be fair, there were times when it bothered me much that Rock isn’t receive the rightful respect from the industry when it comes to airplay. Nonetheless, years went by and technology has been enabling us to enjoy Rock music in so many ways. So who needs the radio?

3 Star Rating

1. Rock N’ Roll Radio
2. False Flag Operation
3. Headless Chicken
4. Swagman
5. Splinter
6. Bambi On Ice
7. Lucy Glow
8. Homewrecking Woman
9. Stay Under The Radar
10. Back To You
Søren Andersen - Guitar & Vocals
Mika Vandborg - Guitar & Vocals
Peter Kjøbsted - Bass & Backing Vocals
Morten Hellborn - Drums & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Mighty Music


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