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Electric Guitars - Electric Guitars Award winner

Electric Guitars
Electric Guitars
by V. Srikar at 09 June 2014, 7:09 AM

With a cheesy name like ELECTRIC GUITARS, it’s quite easy to get into the music of these Danish Rockers as they bring out exactly what you expect out of them, good rock n roll, easy on the ears, riffs. While most bands try too many things to impress the listener, ELECTRIC GUITARS keep it simple and clear, from the riffs to their lyrics, it’s all for the listener to dig deep and enjoy!

Now before I explore the intricacies of the songs here, it’s worth mentioning that this promo came with a sentence “……..caused quite a stir in their homeland - to such an extent that it even made the news on national television.” Now that got me really interested, and also had a sense of caution as this might be branded as too commercial as well. The music is free flowing and the lyrics are one of the best that I have heard in a long long time as the songs are full of inspirational lyrics easy to be understood by anybody, and that’s what makes these rockers so special, and they show you don’t need to be too technical and complex to impress the listeners, sometimes simple good music will just do that. This record reminds me of a recent album that I reviewed for Metal Temple, Booze And Glory - As Bold As Brass, though both albums are different musically. Go check that album as well if you are into good rock n roll. This record is a great company if you’re looking to just have a good time and want to air guitar instantly without too many complex fingering techniques, and the lyrics comes across as a breathe of a fresh air too!! It’s trippy, it’s catchy, and it’s hummable!

I know I have been praising this record way too much, but I hardly find any mistakes or problem with this record, except for the fact that this might just end up being branded as too commercial for Rock or Metal fans, as mentioned some time back. Brought to you by the 2 masterminds behind this music, Soren Anderson and Mika Vandborg (both on vocals and guitars). And yeah did I mention that as I was listening to this album, I could almost visualise the live performance of these guys as the music, as mentioned earlier, is so easy on the ears and is not really complex. Take my word and go listen to this self-titled debut full length, if you’re into good old school riff driven rock n roll!

4 Star Rating

1. Four Leaf Clover
2. Break It Up
3. So Far Away
4. Easy Way Out
5. Spotlight
6. Never Mind The Dog
7. You're On Fire
8. Ronnie
9. Elevator Blues
10. Baby I Love You
11. Horsefly
12. Hero Of Mine
 Søren Andersen - Guitar, Vocal
Mika Vandborg - Guitar, Vocal
Peter Kjøbsted - Bass
Morten Hellborn - Trommer 
Record Label: Target Records


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