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Electric Haze - Get in Line

Electric Haze
Get in Line
by Kevin Lewis at 20 June 2021, 3:17 PM

ELECTRIC HAZE is a four-piece Swedish band formed in 2014. "Get In Line" is their debut full-length album. Blending classic and hard rock influences into something a bit more modern, ELECTRIC HAZE is both new and old, familiar and different at the same time. Idle North Records released "Get In Line" on May 28,2021.

The record starts with “Succuba,” a gritty, mid-tempo rocker with a decent riff and a pretty cool rhythm. The bass and drum work are good. They work with the riff a lot, but also put in some cool little fills at times, making them stand out a little. The guitar solo is well-paced and doesn’t overpower the song. “WHOA!” is pretty similar. Both songs are catchy and very radio friendly. The vocals are clean and pretty smooth, not a lot of gruff in the voice. Harsher vocal techniques would definitely sound out of place in these songs.

The first song that really grabbed my attention was “Cavern Of Pain”. The gentle guitar melody and the haunted vocals are mesmerizing. The piano really adds a depth to the song that is very fitting. The drums and bass stay underneath for the most part, keeping a slow, trudging pace. The acoustic guitar solo is excellent and the keyboards, along with the soaring vocals build the song up and crescendo nicely before the song dies slowly. This is the song that makes this band stand out for me.

Too Close To The Truth" is another really good song. The guitar riff is cool and the rhythm is just right. The tempo is nice, the tunings really cool. The first half of the song is pretty straight-forward hard rock. The ending, though, is what makes this song above average. The shift at the halfway point is outstanding. The screaming vocals, full of the grit they need, showcase a different side of the singer, a talent that is cool to hear. That shift in the song is killer. It shows the band can do more than just put out a common rock song. They can write complex tunes.

The record closes out with “Cryin'," a song that begins with the heaviest riff of the record. The drop in tempo is a little shocking, but works well. The song builds back up, really kicking out a good chorus. The next verse drops down again, and the pattern is set, repeated and built on. Again, this is a complex song with really good composition.

"Get In Line" started out pretty slow and it took me a little time to get into. The first few songs are fairly common hard rock songs that are not real noteworthy. They’re good, but not great. The cool thing is, the record just got better from “Cavern Of Pain” on. The songs got more in robust, the lyrics deeper and more meaningful. Overall, this band shows a lot of promise and I hope to hear more from them.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Succuba
2. WOAH!
3. Get in Line
4. All I Ask For
5. Cavern of Pain
6. Lest We Forget
7. Too Close to The Truth
8. Clenched Fist
9. Cryin'
Anton Ekstrom – Vocals
Andre Ekstrom – Bass
Yuppie Anderson – Drums
Tommy Toya – Guitar
Record Label: Idle North Records


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