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Electric Mob - 2 Make U Cry & Dance Award winner

Electric Mob
2 Make U Cry & Dance
by Kevin Lewis at 26 February 2023, 3:58 AM

ELECTRIC MOB is a four-piece Bluesy/Hard Rock band from Curitiba, Brazil. They are back with their second full-length album, 2 Make U Cry & Dance. Their debut, Discharge, was my number one album of 2020, so getting to review this is one of my 2023 highlights! Frontiers Music SRL released this most excellent disc on January 27, 2023. Before we get to the music, it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most solid, well-rounded bands in existence today. Yuri Elero on bass and André Leister on drums are such a well-oiled machine. Always in perfect step with each other and imminently capable of driving this beast, they put everything in place for guitarist extraordinaire Ben Hur Auwarter. They also have one of the most distinctive vocalists out today with Renan Zonta. Together, they absolutely rock.

Look no further than the opening track, “Sun Is Falling,” to see how they work together. There’s a muted intro followed by a massive kick from the entire band, timed beautifully and with a punch that shows these guys know how to time the dramatic entrance for maximum effect. You hear all of Renan’s range on this track *and most others). You et his lows, his belts, and his screaming wails, all of which set him apart from many of the others vocalists in rock today. "Will Shine” has some of the more Latin influenced music mixed with some of the Heavy Blues ELECTRIC MOB is noted for. Wicked wails and solid rhythms mark this song, continuing the style these guys have developed. But they have range to work with. The next song, “It’s Gonna Hurt,” is more Hard Rock and uses backing vocal chants to augment the leads. The backing vocals are harmonized under the soaring vocals of the lead.

For another Bluesy rocker, “Soul Stealer” is the one you want. The driving guitar work interspersed with the muted tones in the verses is a cool effect. It shows the range of techniques used on this record to make it all sound different while never losing consistency with the overall style ELECTRIC MOB has. “4 Letters” has a Funk influence to it, grooving like no other track on the album. To get even funkier, check out “Saddest Funk Ever.” You thought that last track was all they had in the Funk realm? Wrong. This is Funk Rock, taking a step into the heavier end of the Funk genre. Then they blend Funk and Classic Rock guitar work on “Thy Kingdom Come.” I am blown away by all the ways they blend and twist and fuse these different sounds and tones together in new and unique ways.

A bluesy rock riff is next in “Love Cage.” The shifting from full-force to muted under the vocals works on so many levels, showing skill and the ability to write songs that showcase different aspects of the band’s multiple talents. The vocal talent is really highlighted on this one. Great breath control for extended notes, flipping into gritty vocals from cleans, belts, wails, and the ability to jump up and down the octaves at will. The album concludes with “Watch Me (I’m Today’s News),” a slow burner that has an eerie feel to the intro and Hard Rock power to the main body. They drop the guitar out completely and let the bass/drums take center stage for a bit and Renan even goes with a quick fry vocal to show one more facet of his incredible range.

If you couldn’t tell, I freaking adore this band. ELECTRIC MOB is one of my favorites discovered since I started writing reviews. This was one of my most anticipated albums for this year and it does not disappoint. If you want some of the best music, killer vocals, and great song writing skills going today, look no further than this band. Now I just need them to release both albums on vinyl and for them to tour the US somewhere near my location to make my life very happy.


Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Sun Is Falling
2. Will Shine
3. It’s Gonna Hurt
4. By The Name (Nanana)
5. Soul Stealer
6. 4 Letters
7. Locked N Loaded
8. Saddest Funk Ever
9. Thy Kingdom Come
10. Love Cage
11. Watch Me (I’m Today’s News)
Renan Zonta – Vocals
Yuri Elero – Bass
André Leister – Drums
Ben Hur Auwarter – Guitar
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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