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Electric Mother - II

Electric Mother
by Matt Bozenda at 21 May 2021, 3:21 PM

The Orkney Islands are among the oldest inhabited places on Earth; there’s evidence that humans have lived there one way or another for over eight thousand years. Ancient tribesmen, ancient Celts, Vikings, and Scots have all contributed to the area’s identity, and each element is given their due by the current populace.

A collection of Orkneymen discovered their expressive gifts in music and so we have ELECTRIC MOTHER, whose new album, “II”, is a Stoner-riff-ic salvo for the Metal community who are fine with rocking out on the couch. Five years since their debut on “Vol. 1”, the young band is clearly seeking to regain momentum after a bad year for, well, everyone.

Citing names like DOWN, KYUSS, MASTODON, and BLACK SABBATH as their influences, the band proves they aren’t liars on the first track, “Omen”, which very clearly signals where they are coming from creatively. “Crucified” follows with a very catchy tune, zigging when you think it will zag, and feeling much longer than it is at just under four minutes. “Piety” is an album highlight, sounding like a Surf Rocker’s Stoner grandchild, containing an excellent bridge into a very heavy outro.

A little foray into Groove follows on “Whence”, even dabbling a bit into old Seattle Grunge, and closer to the toughness of GRUNTRUCK over the ease of ALICE IN CHAINS. “Icarus” harkens the same tone as Swedish Stoner Rock, reminding the listener of bands like TRUCKFIGHTERS or THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND. “Treacherous”, meanwhile, sounds like a lot of thought went into writing it (perhaps as the album’s nucleus), and is a clear cut single, meant for Metal radio.

“BOUND” is the album’s heavyweight at well over seven minutes and has the heavier sensibilities of a band like LOWRIDER. Finally, “Be” stands as a semi-Ambient interlude and introduction for the outro track, “Begotten”, which plays around with the tempo and skips half a beat here and there, before ending the album on a proper fade.

There are a lot of spices going into this stew; all the bands listed for comparison purposes would make for one HELL of a festival, and maybe that’s exactly what we’ve got here with ELECTRIC MOTHER. The many ingredients the band utilizes has made for a familiar yet interesting combination. It’s Groovy, it’s Heavy, and it’s Stonery; you’ve heard it before, but when did it sound bad anyways?

The real test will come with the return of the live music circuit. ELECTRIC MOTHER, through all their deserved praise, still have a lot of evolving to do, and the best way to figure themselves out is to play for an audience. For as good as they are, they are not headliners yet, and “II” is not a rocket to the top of the roster. Right now it feels like they have picked up on the cues that made their favorite bands such legends and are applying those cues to their own talents. If they try the opposite for album three, they just might sound less like other bands, and sound a lot more like ELECTRIC MOTHER.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Omen
2. Crucified
3. Piety
4. Whence
5. Icarus
6. Treacherous
7. Bound
8. Be
9. Begotten
Calum Elder - vocals
Robert MacGregor - guitar
Andrew Taylor - guitar
Eoin Thomson - bass
John Brown - drums
Record Label: Independent


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