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Electric Shock - Burn Out

Electric Shock
Burn Out
by Garrett Davis at 19 February 2017, 8:20 PM

ELECTRIC SHOCK is a French band that is coming back strong with their sophomore EP “Burn Out”. Sounding like an amalgamation of the greatest Rock N’ Roll legends of the 70s and 80s, “Burn Out” plays like each song was meant to be a heavy-hitting instant classic. The tracks here certainly hit the sweet spot with their blend of Pop Rock and Hard Rock, but as a whole, there isn’t a lot of variation to their sound. The most popular Rock songs of the last few decades were rarely long or complicated affairs so this isn’t really a mark against ELECTRIC SHOCK, since this seems to be the tone they are going for.

Dressed to Kill” is a KISS-esque power ballad with high-pitched 80s Power Metal vocals. “Too Loud Ain’t Loud Enough” is classic Hard Rock at its finest, bringing to mind a little bit of MEAT LOAF and AEROSMITH in equal measure. The catchy hook and simple rhythm kept me tapping along to the music. “Scream My Name” keeps up the pace; it is not horribly inventive with its overly repetitive hook, but it is a song I could imagine being very popular just because it’s catchy. “Play it Rock N’ Roll”brings out more of the Glam Rock influence and sounds of bands like AC/DC and KISS.

Heavy Metal Resistance” has a nice Power Metal lean, with the screachingly high vocals complimenting the tempo and speeding it up another notch. Finally, bringing the album to a thunderous close is the feirce “Beer Ritual”; allowing powerful guitars and raucous vocals to come crashing down and wrap things up in a savage little bow.

Burn Out” comes across more as a recorded performance than an album. It has a grandiose tone with the polish of a studio recording. The album doesn’t have a unique sound or a story to tell, but the band’s love of old school Rock n’ Roll is infectious and reminds us all why songs from the 80s are still incredibly popular today. There is a sense of showmanship and performance that can be lost with other bands who simply play the music, and that never translates to a great live performance. Yet with the sort of gravitas that ELECTRIC SHOCK manages in these few tracks really makes me pine for more and wonder what they will bring next. I would honestly love to see them play live and I would certainly be interested to see if they can maintain that powerful presence.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

  1. Dressed To Kill
  2. Too Loud Ain't Loud Enough
  3. Scream My Name
  4. Play It Rock N' Roll
  5. Heavy Metal Resistance
  6. Beer Ritual
Alkoholik Desekrator - Vocals
Dav' Thunderfuck - Bass
Buk - Guitar
Little Angus - Guitar
Twister - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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