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Electric Wizard - Time to Die Award winner

Electric Wizard
Time to Die
by Matt "Wolverine" Johnson at 13 November 2014, 9:49 PM

Always pass to the left. That's one of the mantras you'll need to remember while buzzing your ass off to the new ELECTRIC WIZARD release, "Time To Die." It is nearly perfect in terms of what a Doom/Stoner Metal band is supposed to sound like. The fuzz-inducing distortion sounds exactly like what it feels like to be smoking on some of the stickiest of icky, and the music video for "Sadiowitch" looks exactly like you have on the glasses of some guy on a serious acid trip.

The prologue track for "Time To Die" is an evil, groovy tune fitting of a BLACK SABBATH magic mushroom trip from the 60's and the title track from the album is a sludgy, riffy morsel of musical intoxication like you're listening to THE SWORD slowed down by half speed. Everything about this music is headbang-inducing. It's not "brutal" in terms of Metal, but it exudes the heaviness so characteristic of ELECTRIC WIZARD.

You'll need your own mountaintop perch overlooking a vast land as the songs from this album become a dark hooded cloak that envelopes you during the casting of a wizard's spell. You'll need the forests of the lowlands to roam about as though poisoned by a bad batch of witch's brew when the peak of the intoxication reaches you. Truly a masterpiece, this album is only nine songs in depth, but is also a genuine behemoth as the total time this album spans is over an hour of thick, doomy goodness.

I have to give this album a lot of respect because I love the style of Doom and Stoner Metal. The sheer weight of the music cannot be overstated as the listener is overpowered by the high it induces and forced into a trance, hypnotized by the slow guitar and drum rhythms and the mystical tone of the recessed vocals. Of course, the production was a key element and though the sound is quite noisy, it is easy to tell that this was the specific intention during recording and post-production. This band is named quite appropriately as they to tend to cast a new spell with each sequential track on "Time To Die".

I couldn't be happier to fall under the haze perpetuated throughout the album, but I've got to say, you better clear the rest of your day when you listen to it. Such epic styling seems criminal, so my other advice would be to stay indoors and have a good place to lie down. Some sober adult supervision may be required and outdoor use of this album may be most appropriate for summoning evil spirits in a forest ritual, or a haunting stroll along the misted stony bogs of the countryside–at night.

This is a must-listen for fans of BLACK SABBATH, fans of this band, or anyone in general who favors a heavy dose of cannibanoids and hallucinogens. Keep up the groovy work, ELECTRIC WIZARD!

Disclaimer: May cause narcotic sensory impairment. Please listen responsibly.

5 Star Rating

1. Incense for the Damned
2. Time To Die
3. I Am Nothing
4. Destroy Those
5. Funeral Of Yo
6. We Love The
7. Sadiowitch
8. Lucifer's Slave
9. Saturn Dethroned
Justin Oborn - Guitar, Vocals
Liz Buckingham - Guitar
Clayton Burgess - Bass
Simon Poole - Drums
Record Label: Witchfinder Records


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