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Electric Earth - Vol II: Words Unspoken (CD)

Electric Earth
Vol II: Words Unspoken
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 01 July 2007, 8:20 PM

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to listen to stuff from ELECTRIC EARTH (not that they have released many things). While searching for information about the band and reading their biography, I found many great things that I wasn't aware of. I think that you have already realized what the music that this band has chosen to play is. There are many clues that can help you (band name, song titles).
The band was formed by former GOOSEFLESH members (Swedish Thrash/Death Metal band) in 2001. They released their debut album Organic Songs - Volume One in 2004. The album included a cover of IRON BUTTERFLY's classic In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. After signing a contract with the Belgian label Mausoleum Records, ELECTRIC EARTH release their second full-length album Vol II - Words Unspoken.
As I said before, many elements help you guess what music this band plays. If you still haven't managed to understand, ELECTRIC EARTH is a Stoner Metal (or Rock, depends on what you prefer to call it) band. As you can easily imagine, groove and rhythm have the starring role in this album. To compose good groovy melodies, you have to have a kick-ass rhythm section, and I think that ELECTRIC EARTH possess such thing. The bassist and the drummer create an incredible team that builds a fucking heavy and solid base that the guitars can step on and unleash their riffs. The music is inspired by the 70's Hard Rock scene as well as from bands that belong to the Stoner scene (CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, THE QUILL). The vocals are high pitched and it is good that the singer avoids the classic heavy and growling vocals. Basically, it is a bit obvious that the band is heavily influenced by SOUNDGARDEN in many ways (riffing, vocals etc.). The production is really good and different from what I expected. The band avoids the classic raw production and concentrates on heaviness. Not that I dislike Stoner's raw sound, do not forget I am a die-hard fan of this genre.
ELECTRIC EARTH is definitely a more than pleasant surprise for me and I am always glad to get to know new Stoner bands. The band hasn't anything new to offer, but let's not forget that Stoner is a genre that is not open to new ideas. There are precise rules in this music. One of them is staying faithful to the Blues. I am now looking forward to this band's next release. Until then, rock on mates!

3 Star Rating

Words Unspoken
Again & Again
Wheels Of Confession
Serpent Serpentine
Magnetic Soul
Little Song
Leaving The Darklands
Peter Gottlieb - Vocals, Guitar
Tommy Scalisi - Guitar
Lyris Karlsson - Bass
Draken - Drums
Record Label: Mausoleum Records


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