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Electric Wizard - Black Masses

Electric Wizard
Black Masses
by Harry Papadopoulos at 08 December 2010, 11:12 AM

1997: a year that I will remember for many reasons. One of them is that I went to Scotland to study (some other reasons are none of your business, not that this one was!) and finally because I came across a band called ELECTRIC WIZARD for the first time. It is that thing that some people describe like “love at first sight”. From then on this relationship is only growing. So now, three years after the exceptional “Witchcult Today”, one of my favorite bands are back with their new full length album “Black Masses”.

There is no need for historical lessons and stuff. Fans of Doom Metal already know what those guys and their lady did through those 15 years that they are active, with seven, including this one, full length albums, three EP’s and two split EP’s. This album may have been released a month ago, but I strongly believe that there are some albums that you can listen to anytime and others you cannot. And all the albums of ELECTRIC WIZARD are in the second category. So, to begin the ceremony to listen to this album, I closed all the lights, mobiles and other crap, lighted some candles, filled my pint with beer and pressed 'play'.

And, yes, fortunately nothing has changed. The occult 70’s veil that surrounds their music with the low tuned guitars and the riffs that BLACK SABBATH would be proud of, are still here. I can’t say that I was too excited with the first self-titled track, but as the album continued I was sure that we were dealing with another very good CD. Even from the first time that I listened to “Black Masses” the 10-minute “Satyr IX” stood out for me. A great song with a melody that sticks in your mind. Not that the rest of the songs are much lower in rate, but I believe that there are some periods of maximum 10 seconds in some songs that could have been missing. The production is deep and can deliver the whole atmosphere that ELECTRIC WIZARD wants to have. And how can’t they have a sound like that, since they recorded it in a full analog studio.

I’ll tell you the truth: this review won’t change your mind either you love ELECTRIC WIZARD or not. You know their music and sound that had in the past and, believe me; they haven’t changed a bit in “Black Masses”. Just take this review as me talking to a friend that he/she too loves this band and go buy the album!

"I am the Nightchild,
Shadows gather round me.
Are you a Nightchild?
Join us and be free"

4 Star Rating

  1. Black Mass
  2. Venus in Furs
  3. The Nightchild
  4. Patterns Of Evil
  5. Satyr IX
  6. Turn Off Your Mind
  7. Scorpio Curse
  8. Crypt Of Drugula
Jus Oborn - Vocals, Guitar
Liz Buckingham - Guitar
Tas - Bass
Shaun Rutter - Drums
Record Label: Rise Above Records


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