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Electrocution - Metaphysincarnation Award winner

by Calen Nesten at 03 August 2014, 12:18 PM

Twenty years after releasing the highly sought after “Inside the Unreal” ELECTROCUTION has finally released another full-length album early in May of 2014 entitled “Metaphysincarnation”. The albums name may sound like a phrase uttered by a drunken schizophrenic, the album itself is nothing short of lucid genius. With only two demos and a split album with HYPOCRIT between ’94 and ’97, it may have seemed like the band was slowly becoming a memory but as it turns out, they were just marinating to bring us a well prepared, meaty slab of tasty, tasty metal. And with 11 tracks stretching for nearly forty minutes ELECTROCUTION is brilliantly making up for lost time. Although classified as death metal I find it difficult to pin one sub-genre to “Metaphysincarnation”, it’s simply metal by any definition and even those who (for some reason) can’t get into metal could not deny the amazing amount of skill and talent ELECTROUTION put into the album.

“Metaphysincarnation” kicks the album off with some ominous Gregorian chanting that builds into the song “Wireworm” the chanting comes back briefly as the only vocals in a really creative breakdown. Breakdowns are an art, one bad breakdown can ruin an entire album, but ELECTROCUTION’s talented rhythm section provides the ingredients that prove they are masters of the art. It’s not hard to see why; the album is full of surprising time changes and masterful solos and even inserts some classical guitar at the end of “Abiura” and through the entirety of “Aliento Del Diablo” further cementing “Metaphysincarnation” as a unique force of metal mastery. The album jumps from themes of socio-political corruption and ignorance with “Wireworm” and the pro-evolution track “Phylogenesis” and protecting our planet and the beings we share it with in songs like “Nature Obliteration” and “Anthropocentric”. ELECTROCUTION proudly stands up for what they believe in and it shows in the gutteral, passionate screams of singer Mick Montaguti. A perfectly executed, album with a lot of love and thought put into it and I cannot wait for more, I just hope more comes before I start to lose my hearing and kick kids off my lawn.

4 Star Rating

1. Wireworm
2. Phylogenesis
3. Aibura
4. Bloodless
5. As A Son To His Father
6. Panopticon
7. Nature Obliteration
8. Logos
9. Aliento Del Diablo
10. Spirals In Tension
11. Anthropocentric
Alex Guadagnoli - Guitar
Mick Montaguti - Vocals
Max Canali - Bass
Vellacifer - Drums
Record Label: Gorego Records


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