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Elegis – Kultus Award winner

by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 03 September 2020, 9:16 PM

Two thirds of this band are new. Only Baron has been in this band before 2019. He was a one-man band, playing everything. This is only the second full-length album for the band following the release of 2017’s Superhuman Syndrome.

Apollyon Ave” kicks off the album by playing a theme of war. This feels like Mad Max meets Game of Thrones. Which would have still made for a better ending than season 8, but I digress. Once the instrumentals kick in you can really sense the build up and once the vocal outburst starts it feels like a less intense Brutal Slamming Death Metal track, but still with the same hostilities and passion. The pace, once set never slows down, its full frontal and pissed. The intensity levels do increase and peak mid-way through the song and although its only a slight increase, you can really tell the difference. Solid start to the album and I’m hoping this kinda style will continue. It doesn’t fade out; it ends heavy and intense.

I Am a Shadow of Thorns” continues exactly where the previous left off. Heavy as fuck with intent. It keeps control brilliantly. It seems to be building up to something, but never seeming to lose balance and control, this isn’t easy to do. Executed brilliantly. The intensity from before is still in the high gears, showing us exactly what they are about. My head was banging and feet were tapping through out, so I imagine many people will also be doing the same. Such a great song to keep the juices flowing. You wonder if they can keep it up, I hope so.

Luminous Pantheon” has the return of a seemingly war horn approach for seconds until the drums kick in, and hard. The vocals match the overall tempo when they come along with the rest of the instrumental elements. Still showing no signs of slowing down or changing their overall stance on the album. The horn comes in to allow a gap in the intensity, but it comes back full throttle and awesome as ever. This song, and album so far is exactly what modern day Death Metal can be all about, the intensity, balance and pure talent.

Kultus” has a new approach from the intro-styled start. This one is taking longer to build. The tempo does increase slightly, but still waiting for it to kick off. Ok, so midway through im thinking its gonna have to be an instrumental. The pace increases again, leading to the build up intensifying. It does have some war cries to further add the war/battle feel to the album. I’m thinking it could be a extended into the next song.

Aeon Omega” in answer to my previous thought. No. the previous song has nothing to do with this one. All aspects of the band are now in full swing once more. It has the same sorta ideals that the rest of the songs have displayed. There is beauty within its melodies, there is control and real talent oozing from the song. The levels of pace and tempo are sky high once more, taking the overall feeling back to a more brutal place. The song never seems to want to end, it holds itself high and proud, showing off exactly what is great about itself.

Deus Arcana” keeps up the tact of just letting it fly as soon as the song starts, huge intensity and power shown here. They keep up the levels of pace that have made me love this album so far. There is no real worry that they will have a half-assed song on this album, it’s a pure album. Its still headbanging and still awesome. The songs seem similar, but different melodies allow the songs to somehow all feel different and fresh.

Havoc” has an intense start once more, and I for one will never get sick of that. There is a similarity between these sons and some of BEHEMOTH’s finer pieces. So, they must be doing a lot right. The levels of intensity just seem to be expanding more, with a few added technical plays making the melodies flow even more fluidly. You have to appreciate what your ears are hearing here, what is going on is just brilliant.

Anthem of the Dead Ones” is the close to the album, so the return of the war drums have re-entered. It is taking longer than normal to break down, but you can hear the buildup. This song does not break through, its an outro and an instrumental at that.

Take nothing away from this album, it is a brilliant release and the 2 instrumental songs may have been a change in tempo, but a change can be good at times. Add this into your Death Metal playlists and you're onto a winner. 10/10

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Apollyon Ave
2. I Am a Shadow of Thorns
3. Luminous Pantheon
4. Kultus (Instrumental)
5. Aeon Omega
6. Deus Arcana
7. Havoc
8. Anthem of the Dead Ones
Baron – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Krzysztof "Mantas" Ciwiński – Bass Guitar
Krzysztof Klingbein – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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