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Elegy Of Madness – Invisible World Award winner

Elegy Of Madness
Invisible World
by Joseth Radiant at 28 January 2020, 2:16 PM

Once again, as an album reviewer, I am swept away to Italy. But instead of listening to some amazing bands based around Northern Italy and its great metropolis of Milan, this week’s musical adventure takes me to the southern coast of Italy. The town of Taranto, which is in the heel of the boot as it were, is home to ELEGY OF MADNESS. Their fourth album "Invisible World" is just about perfect, and more than enough to satisfy almost anybody can be found throughout this album start to finish. In my mind, this album sounds like each member was wholly inspired to give their best performances throughout. I’m sure that recording at Domination Studio helped that along, due to such titans of the Power Metal scene like RHAPSODY, MICHAEL ROMEO, and TWILIGHT FORCE making music there. But as much as that would inspire anyone, you still have to step up to the workbench and get the job done. Without a shadow of a doubt, they created an album that displays what it sounds like when a band has refined their sound to excellence.

When it comes to writing songs, especially within Symphonic Metal, it’s a fine balance to know what is too much and what is just right. This is about every aspect of the song, as well. I’ve heard some bands finish a song and instead of realizing that they’ve said enough, they keep jamming away when it’s painfully obvious that the song needs to end. Thankfully, it’s not the case here. ELEGY OF MADNESS has figured out what they need to say in their songs and when they don’t need to say anymore. It’s almost like sitting down to a 5-course meal where every plate that comes your way is served in perfect proportions so you can enjoy the food without feeling like you have overeaten. From the electronic sequencing to the orchestral arrangements to the vocal harmonies and even to the lengths of each song, there is such a perfect balance of everything here and not once did I get that horrible feeling of waiting for the song to end. I was eager to actually listen to each track as the album played and was thoroughly satisfied when the album was over. Oh by the way, I should mention that before this came across my desk, I had never heard of ELEGY OF MADNESS. That should tell you about how much of a fantastic album this is, and indeed this is quality Symphonic Metal.

One of the most important things I do when listening to an album for the first time is to listen to it from front to back without making any notes or critiques about it at the first. I purposely want to listen to the album as I go throughout my day at work and running errands because I want to see if any of these songs will stop me in the middle of my day and force me to listen or either sing along. This happened multiple times as I listened to it, and ELEGY OF MADNESS succeeds here by actually writing melodies that are memorable and easy to sing. Many newer acts should take note of this band because "Invisible World" is a fantastic example of how to write music that is both elegantly complex and easy to consume. I know that Happy Metal prides itself on being challenging to consume, but in my mind, I would rather listen to music like this. This is my first 10/10 for 2020, and yes, as always, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Egodemon
2. Es
3. Apnoea
4. Invisible World
5. Believe
6. Aegis of Light
7. Kore
8. Fil Rouge
9. Reborn
10. The Rise of Sirius
11. Day One
Anja Irullo – Vocals
Tony Tomasicchio – Guitar, Growling Vocals, Sequencing
Marco Monno – Guitar
Luca Basile – Cello, Orchestral Arrangements
Larry Ozen Amati – Bass
Francesco Paolo Caputo – Drums
Record Label: Pride And Joy Music


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