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Elektradrive - Due (24 Years Carat Gold Edition)

Due (24 Years Carat Gold Edition)
by Rebecca Miller at 18 March 2013, 4:59 PM

Italian band ELEKTRADRIVE first released “Due” 24 years ago – as you could probably tell from the title – to much critical acclaim. So now, they have decided to remaster it and release it to a whole new generation of people, and I must say, it has aged pretty well.

The band are very much AOR, something which is very apparent by the way this album sounds as a whole, with no stand out tracks that are quite clearly meant to be a single. Even though this album was out before I was born, I can see why it had the impact that it did – it’s got big ideas and big sounds on it, and it’s really well produced. There’s no doubt it was made in the 80’s though! This remastered version sounds like they could have recorded it yesterday – it’s crisp and clear, and doesn’t feel dated at all. My favorite song has to be “Right Or Wrong”, it has a great tune to it, with a brilliant chorus, and I think it really captures everything you need to know about the band. I think the fans of the original album are going to love this as much as the new fans are going to, because it really does sound like it’s been given a new lease of life, even after 24 years.

Elio Maugeri’s vocals are the main pull of the album, in my opinion. I’m not downplaying the quality of the rest of the musicians, because they’re all brilliant in their own right, but he’s got one of those powerful European Hair Metal voices (if anyone knows what I’m talking about) that just adds another dimension to the music. It’s very melodic, and I couldn’t help but think of EUROPE when I was listening to the album, but that was probably due to the synthy stuff in “Back On The Road”, a song with a very 80s vibe about it.

For the longtime fans of ELEKTRADRIVE, this remastered release is going to be a good slice of nostalgia, and it may even pull in a few fans, and make them curious enough to check out their other albums. Either way, it’s a solid album, and a lot of fun.

3 Star Rating

1. Back On The Road
2. St. Valentine’s Day
3. Sunset Boulevard
4. Wild West
5. Right Or Wrong
6. A Man That Got No Heart
7. Due
8. The Magic Lamp
9. Dream On
Elio Maugeri – Vocals/Guitar
Simone Falovo – Guitar
Alex Jorio – Drums
Stefano Turolla - Bass
Record Label: Electromantic Music


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