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Elektric Mistress - Elektric Mistress S/T

Elektric Mistress
Elektric Mistress S/T
by Dave Nowels at 13 August 2019, 4:06 PM

Halifax, Nova Scotia is where ELEKTRIC MISTRESS call home, and they've just dropped their debut, a self titled and self released EP. Comprised of three songs and running at about 17 minutes it gives us a good idea of what this quintet is about, where they've been and where they're going. Based on my listen through the EP, the band is an aspiring Stoner group, with the typical classic riff influences of  Iommi, Blackmore and others. The Blackmore influence is somewhat significant, as the keys presented by MacDonald on these three cuts really brought to my mind, DEEP PURPLE, and later RAINBOW.

The EP starts with “Turn To Grey” an 8 ½ minute blend of trippy stoner psychedelia with muscle.
Vocalist Steve Poole's clean vocals and howls reminded me of Chris Robinson meets Joe Lynn Turner. A bit unruly at times perhaps, but passionate and fitting for the vibe. I really dug this track and it's weaving and winding approach. Of the three tracks it was my favorite, and a good introduction to the band. “Cuba Time” is the next up, and I have to admit I was curious based on the title. A band from Nova Scotia with a song about Cuba? This could either go really good, or really bad. Truth is, it falls somewhere in the middle. The overall premise is pretty okay, the pace is increased and the song definitely showcases the fact that the band can more than adequately tackle more than just psych. What lost me somewhat was the Spanish portion that Poole recites midway through. It's a minor blemish for me, but one that came across excessively cheesy.

“Meeting of the Minds” is pure RAINBOW inspired magic for me. The anchor being MacDonald's keyboards, and Cantfell's heavy riffage in all the right spots. Poole's vocals, combined with these, instantly made me think of Joe Lynn Turner again. A really fun, rambunctious song. All throughout, the musical approach is well executed. Nothing overly flashy, just a band in which everyone knows their role and does it well. In particular the rhythm section of Richardson and Canales do a superb job of holding everything steady and copacetic. So overall, yeah it's a really good effort. I feel like parts of “Cuba Time” could have gone differently, and I think the band would benefit from a better production and mixing. But, overall I really dug what they were laying down. Definitely worth a listen.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 5


3 Star Rating

1. Turn To Grey
2. Cuba Time
3. Meeting of the Minds
Steve Poole – Vocals
Kyle Cantfell – Guitars
Kieran Richardson – Bass
Vic Canales – Drums
Riley MacDonald – Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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