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Eleventh Hour - Memory Of A Lifetime Journey

Eleventh Hour
Memory Of A Lifetime Journey
by YngwieViking at 06 April 2016, 9:15 PM

The progressive band ELEVENTH HOUR was originally founded in 2014 by guitarist Aldo Turini with classically trained composer Pino Carella in order to express their ambitious musical ideal. The rich & deep formula is based on some Heavily orchestrated Prog Metal parts, musically quite challenging but principally, the concept is set around a balanced method between the cinematographic or the orchestral background and the necessary will to keep the early 90's Heavy nature, the Melodic focus of the genre, this organic element is always at the first row (“Requiem From A Prison”)!

These Italian guys have clearly set some high and demanding standards for themselves and their complex atmospheric music, and they have fulfilled each parameters with integrity, revealing an undeniable flair, with first class playing on the top of it, but their goal could have been pointless without the implication of a talented musician. The ubiquitous producer and prolific songwriter Ale Del Vecchio, whom is probably not a stranger to those who love and follow the actuality of Melodic Rock and somewhat Progressive modern music. Unexpectedly, he takes the ultimate role, clearly in a wake of full success, triumphant with the demonstration of his singing capacities ("Jerusalem"), achieving the important vocal duties in brilliant performance (sounding like tenor equivalence or a more testosterone driven, a ballsy vocal dead ringer for Michael Kiske) and he also co-wrote most of the songs… And, surprisingly, like a general consensus, this role seems to be the strongest asset of this "Memory Of A Lifetime Journey" , that I should admit had taken me by surprise… Everything that I love in this now highly overexposed/crowded genre, is updated or rejuvenated; it looks as if it has been renewed to the max!

Their sound is damn heavy (“After All We've Been MIssing”), or equally utterly melodic ("All I Left Behind" or the male/female vocal confrontation of "Sleeping In My Dreams") and the permanence of the intricate structures, with lot of progressive twists and a few astonishing pinches make this record very enjoyable from start to finish.

The smart arrangements are all composed on a solid and coherent base;, the tight bass/drums couple is melted in serenity and the symphonic, almost cinematographic approach and the precise orchestrated parts are the cherry on top of the cake. Without sounding over-the top pretentious or falling in the hole of the score pompous cheesy bombast trap… The solid rhythm section and the sharp Metallic guitars (the opening sequence with "Sunshine's Not Too Far" is a manifesto for the virtuosic axe playing) are constantly effective and never devoured by the layers of symphonic strings and strangely beyond all the stereotypes and preconceptions of the Spaghetti Metal Scene. The sound concept, the production and the mastering (carefully handled by the gifted Alessandro Del Vecchio) all those technical parameters are top notch, set in a very professional process and on par with every North American/Scandinavian highlight.

My sole low point note, could only be with the last track "Here Alone" which is featuring a mandatory duet with the warm soprano voice of miss Susanna Carboni; well-crafted but that fails to convince me, and maybe the only predictable section of the whole recording… Despite this little reproach, "Memory Of A Lifetime Journey" is easily recommended; it will remain exemplary in its approach sleek, subtle and in concordance with its obviously sophisticated ambition!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sunshine's Not Too Far
2. All I Left Behind
3. Jerusalem
4. Back To You
5. Sleeping In My Dreams
6. Long Road Home
7. Requiem From A Prison
8. Island In The Sun
9. After All We've Been Missing
10. Here Alone
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Lead Vocals
Luca Mazzucconi - Drums
GianMaria "Black Jin" Godani  - Bass
Alberto Sonzogni – Keyboards
Susanna Carboni – Soprano Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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