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Elimination – Blood Of The Titans

Blood Of The Titans
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 December 2011, 8:35 PM

For me this release represents the echelon that Bay Area Thrash Metal can be elevated to. When I am talking about elevation I don't mean by the subgenre's modernized ego or the highly technical examples but a different route taken at the old school front that channels an outstanding flow. There were, and still are, bands out there that are making just the thing. I had the honors upon listening once again to another release, which is the debut full length, of the British ELIMINATION.

Months ago I had the chance on listening to their upstart three song piece EP that served as the preview for the "Blood Of The Titans". Musically, ELIMINATION paid their respects and loyalties to their local scene's history as their orientation led me to the constructiveness of IRON MAIDEN. All in all, ELIMINATION share similarities with big players as TESTAMENT and SLAYER without forgetting the Power mixed with Thrash of early ICED EARTH.

Along with the punches of Thrash Metal, I was listening to assorted musical forms led by passion inflicted by the past. There were more than a few indications to MAIDEN's famous deeds throughout the tracklist such as the lead guitar works and the rhythm section that alone turned into a classic showcase here and there.

The vocals were one of the weaker links of this release due to a slight monotonic pattern that was hard to shake. Though usually Thrash vocalists aren’t known for their melodic singing, I believe that the singing rhythms, even not so melodic, can be varied, especially when this band is more than the regular Thrash pick. On the outside, the production effort didn't exactly shine as the mix sometimes felt too stuffed and less vibrant. Nonetheless, I liked the old school characteristics of the sound as old school is never enough.

ELIMINATION, through this release, were able to play good harmonic and intelligent yet crushing style of Thrash that showed their skills and maturity without risking themselves to become dreary. Enjoy the sounds of "My Own Enemy", "Prisoner Of Tomorrow", "Eyes Of Madness" and "Death Takes Us All" and tell me that what is going on here is else than luminous.

4 Star Rating

1. Prelude
2. Echoes of an Unclear Past
3. Function of the Human Condition
4. My Own Enemy
5. Eyes of Madness
6. Prisoner of Tomorrow
7. Death Takes Us All
8. Reflections of the Forsaken
9. Claustrophobia 
Neil Stevens- Vocals
Daz Abbott- Guitars
Dave Spicer- Guitars
Jus Smith- Bass
James Last- Drums
Record Label: Transcend Records


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