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Eloa Vadaath - Dead End Proclama Award winner

Eloa Vadaath
Dead End Proclama
by Manel Lilioth at 11 April 2013, 6:33 PM

ELOA VADAATH has always been fascinated by the idea of reaching an Avant-Garde / Progressive Death Metal ground; finally, they did it with “Dead End Proclama”, their latest successful project through Noisehead Records. ELOA VADAATH is one of 72 names of god in Hebrew Quabbalah and it means “He Who Knows and Sees Everything” or “God Revealed through Knowledge”; Far from self-proclamations of genius or superiority, this esoteric name simply synthesized their will to evade the common precepts of Metal to touch all the musical nuances that could fit their inspiration and enrich their compositions.

The album sounds astonishing, it’s different of any kind of Death Metal we used to hear, they have a very unique talented musical touch: from brutality transcends to melody; progressiveness and groovy patterns with straight and raw riffing; classical with exotic, all along with sparkles of diffuse, black theatricality. I can say is a sprawling tour de force that moves seamlessly between metallic technicality and full-throttle symphonic grandeur.

"Dead End Proclama" contains 10 songs mostly played in five and six minutes and each of a song has a different taste, soul and color and emerges a multitude of distinct influences incorporating folk “Vever”, Blues ”Un Portrait Pour Madame Marbre”, classical and even opera music into their tech Death Metal sound. As a result, their scatter-shot style, while occasionally cheesy, never ceases to be refreshingly original and enormously fun, it’s bewildering how swiftly the brass section and keys are complimented by such stringed instruments as violin, ELOA VADAATH didn't underestimate the evocative power of instrumental diversity making the best of numerous musicians who have taken part in the recording sessions . With its sprawling fusion between the electronic and old school death “Moloch” and the chaotic wave hit the orchestra with the high speed of guitar and ultra rapidity of violin with paltriness’s powerful  melancholic vocal lines in “The Waking Prophecy” and “The Sun Of Reason Breeds Of Monsters” ranks among the most entertaining tracks of the album. On the other hand “Relics” showcases an epic Heavy Metal foray with the aggressive exceedingly fast drum patterns frequently add to the complexity of the genre, whereas, smooth “From The Flood” makes for an excellent military red alert tune. In the end, they proudly announces their greatest achievement that reveals boundless versatility happens to be the album's closer “We Did It!” though this largely violin solo track evokes the palpable feeling of tension by means of a genuinely disturbing choirs motif that builds to a vicious industrial breakdown.

The lyrics are one of the last things that you pay attention to when you listen to a ELOA VADAATH album, sure there are lines that may catch your attention and choruses that you will not be able get out of your head but most of the time you are not listening to the words actually being said, and trust me when you do it blows your mind.

ELOA VADAATH approach to experimental Metal revolves around staggering eclecticism excelling in their admirably accessible spin on this superbly orchestrated album. I personally consider them as DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA’s Deathly version the way how to venture into the realm of exuberant, artistic music that ranges from cinematic to theatrical. If you’re looking for something original and different and be entertained in the same time then this album is for you.

4 Star Rating

1. Moloch
2. The Waking Prophecy
3. The Sun of Reason Breeds Monsters
4. Vever
5. A Dead End Proclama, Mr. Goldstein
6. Relics
7. From the Flood
8. Ad Rubrum Per Nigrum
9. Un Portrait Pour Madame Marbre
10. We Did It!
Marco Paltanin – Vocals / Guitar / Sitar / Table
Riccardo Paltanin - Vocals / Keyboards / Violin
Mirko Cirelli - Drums
Lorenzo Fabbri - Guitar
Nicolo Caballero – Bass / Choirs
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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